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  • Geteilte Tabs haben keine Funktion, Eingabe in die Adressleiste führt einen immer zu Google.
  • Tile Tabs was ruined the moment it began opening "multiple tabs" by way of opening the additional tabs in SEPARATE WINDOWS.

    The ONLY reason ANYONE would look for an extension such as this one is to do EXACTLY what it used to do. We want to minimize the number of windows we have open BUT also be able to view multiple sites - side by side - for comparison and quick use of information from one tab into the other without switching.

    Until this function is once again usable for that EXACT functionality, this extension is utterly useless.

    Either commit to fixing that functionality or please retire this add-on.
    Using the new WebExtensions API's, it is not possible to display multiple tabs simultaneously within the same browser window. This is why Tile Tabs WE has to move each tiled tab into a separate window.

    Reasons why you might want to use Tile Tabs WE:

    • To compare multiple web pages side-by-side.
    • To synchronize scroll multiple web pages side-by-side.
    • To open links from one tab in adjacent existing tabs.
    • To save tiled layouts which can be re-opened for future use.


    Tile Pages WE has just been released and displays multiple web pages in a single browser window!
  • I cannot figure out how to use the add-on. None of the Linux shortcuts work; maybe related to the window manager? How do I sync-scroll? I would assume that all tiles just scroll simultaneously when enabled? However, only the active tile scrolls. So far, it would be great if it just did what is advertised.
    You can change the keyboard shortcuts using the Tile Tabs WE Options dialog. When Firefox 66.0 is released, you will also be able to change the keyboard shortcuts from the 'Tools > Add-ons' page.

    You can synchronize scroll adjacent tabs if you enable the 'Sync Scroll' menu item on the toolbar button menu or the page context menu. When you scroll any tile in a horizontal or vertical group of tiles, the adjacent tiles will also be scrolled.
  • I liked it.Cool features and best UI
  • Exactly what I was looking for. A great way to keep an eye on several web pages at once. Divide the screen up any way you like. Brilliant.
  • thank you!
  • One star for the new chrome-firefox. If you want to continue using the old firefox (where this addon works!) switch browsers to Pale Moon!
    The reason for tiling inside windows is explained in the 'NOTICES' section at the top of the Tile Tabs WE home page:
  • It was great when he arranged the tabs in one window. But now it opens several windows! It is very bad to swap between them or other windows. Too bad to use! And useless, because windows already does that.
    The reason for tiling inside windows is explained in the 'NOTICES' section at the top of the Tile Tabs WE home page:
  • Tiles Tab in new quantumn firefox aren't great as before, Why do you have to split tabs into multiple windows ? It's more tangle and confusing when switching from tabs to tabs
    The reason for tiling inside windows is explained in the 'NOTICES' section at the top of the Tile Tabs WE home page:
  • Hey DW-Dev,i worked with you in the past to give feedback to tile tabs.
    Its sad that firefox made you change how it worked ,even though it still can be useful. To me I would need a way to Tile tabs and have ALL my open tabs in one the 2 tiled windows open,i cant use tiletabs with all tabs in a 3rd window,its very impractical.

    Btw i sent you an email with a small question for a possible new add-on,but i dont know if you still use the same mail address.
    Contact me if you want.
    Early versions of Tile Tabs WE retained the original window as the first tile in the the tiled layout, but this design had several problems. For example, if the user used the Toggle Toolbar command, then all of the tabs in the original window (except for the selected tab) would be lost.
  • helpfull
  • Спасибо разработчику! Очень полезное дополнение, постоянно использую в работе. Только вот при обновлении Firefox, оно перестает работать. Приходится удалять и ставить заново. Тогда работает снова.
  • excellent
  • i was using the version for firefox 56 and was forced now to update firefox. The newest version that is compatible now is just useless and annoying ...
    Cons: -used to be simple and just tile as many tabs as it was selected in the way you wanted
    -used to be simple and you could just open new tabs with Shift + arrow in the direction you wanted
    -used to have only one menubar for all
    -now you have a gazillion firefox windows with extra bar on top
    -sometimes it works sometimes you can just click it 10 times and nothing happens
    Pros: -none so far !
    Tile Tabs WE does work a little differently to the original Tile Tabs WE, and is not as slick as the original Tile Tabs, but it still meets the same objectives.

    - You can still tile as many tabs as you want, either using the pre-defined layouts, or saved custom layouts, or tiling tabs individually (using the Tile Tab or Add Tile menu commands).
    - You can simply create a tiled layout by clicking on the toolbar button or by using the Alt+Shift+Up keyboard shortcut.
    - You can hide the toolbars in the tiled windows using the Toggle Toolbars menu command or the Alt+Shift+Right keyboard shortcut.

    Version 11.1, which has just been released, adds two new features:

    - You can select multiple tabs before clicking on the toolbar button to create a layout with just those tiles.
    - You can right-click on a tab button and select Tile Tab > Direction to create a layout.