Rated 4 out of 5 stars

I needed a tab splitter and tried this one first. It works however it needs an option and two features added to it.
- option: Ability to hide the header in the split tab so that both tabs can be lined up with one another.
- feature: the split tab has no zoom control so my normal tab is at 115% and the split tab is 100% (too small for me). Needs to zoom and also for same reason as above so that both sides can be lined up with one another for comparison.
- feature: synchronous scrolling of both sides at once.

The fact that the split panel didn't have it's own zoom control I had to find another addon (Fox Splitter). That addon would have been just right except it hasn't been updated for the latest releases of FF, so I re-installed this one.

At the very least can you give us zoom control for the split tab?

Thank you.