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Weergawe 3 14.4 kB Werk met Firefox 26.0 and later

Rewrite, using latest SDK installed on OSX Mavericks, rather than deprecated add-on builder. Built for Firefox 26 and greater.

Weergawe 2.rev42 155.6 kB Werk met Firefox 7.0 and later

Changes for 2.rev42:

1) Addressed request from AMO review of last version:
"Your add-on prints debugging information to the Error Console, which is generally not allowed in production add-ons. Thank you." The Remoku Firefox add-on no longer prints any debugging info to the Error Console.

2) Add icon directly to nav-bar, as requested by multiple users.

Weergawe 1.4 23.6 kB Werk met Firefox 7.0 and later

Added support for changing Remoku's channel. Right-click the Remoku toolbar icon to change your preferred channel to: Stable, Beta, Dev, or Previous.
  • Stable is the channel most people will want to use. The code it uses is considered the most tested and mature.
  • Beta contains code that may be ready for regular use, but which hasn't yet been highly tested by users. You can expect the occasional broken bit of functionality and for the interface to occasionally change at random. Bug reports are welcomed! In exchange for putting up with broken stuff and reporting it, you'll gain early access to features and the ability to give input about the direction they may take :).
  • Dev - Abandon hope all ye who enter here. Proceed at your own risk! This is where active development takes place, and no guarantee is made that it will be usable at any given moment. Here be dragons! Seriously, don't use it.
  • Previous is available as an 'escape hatch' in the event that Stable contains any undiscovered issues. With each new release of a Stable channel build, Previous will contain the release prior to it (exclusive of any possible bad builds).
Also slightly increased the width and height of the pop-up window to accommodate upcoming features.

Weergawe 1.3 9.2 kB Werk met Firefox 4.0 and later

Moved extension to Remoku's stable channel.

Weergawe 1.2 9.2 kB Werk met Firefox 7.0 and later

Fixed namespace issue in button.js