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Weergawe 43.0 KiB Werk met Firefox 3.6 - 56.*

1.FIXED: handle plugins.click_to_play
2.FIXED: cannot play some popped videos in v.qq.com

Weergawe 42.8 KiB Werk met Firefox 3.6 - 23.0a1

1.FIXED: cannot play popped video when closing original tab
2.FIXED: cannot play popped video in www.fengyunzhibo.com

Weergawe 42.6 KiB Werk met Firefox 3.6 - 22.0a1

1.FIXED: cannot refresh video in Fx 20+
2.FIXED: cannot save play history in Fx 20+
3.FIXED: cannot show toolbar in some case
4.FIXED: abnormal pop window in v.qq.com

Weergawe 41.4 KiB Werk met Firefox 3.6 - 19.*

1.Modify: item position in tool menu
2.FXIED: cannot play when popup in jifenzhong and CNTV
3.FIXED: popped window abnormal in v.qq.com

Weergawe 41.0 KiB Werk met Firefox 3.6 - 14.0a1

1.FIXED: save or modify playing history in private mode
2.FXIED: always pop first video in multi-video page
3.FIXED: not close corresponding window when click original video icon
4.FIXED: original video does not stop after popping in Firefox 13.0a1
5.FIXED: cannot clear play history in Firefox 3.6

Weergawe 40.8 KiB Werk met Firefox 3.6 - 13.0a1

1.Modify: some translation
2.Modify: position of Options menu item
3.FIXED: cannot show top right button of video in iframe

Weergawe 39.8 KiB Werk met Firefox 3.6 - 11.0a1

1.BUG FIXED: cannot play when popup in iqiyi
2.BUG FIXED: some memory not freed in time

Weergawe 0.6.1-signed.1-signed 39.8 KiB Werk met Firefox 3.6 - 11.0a1

1.ADD: toolbar button
2.ADD: play history
3.Modify: change homepage to fxthunder.com
4.BUG FIXED: cannot play when popup in ku6 and sohu
5.BUG FIXED: cannot display toolbox when popup in letv

Weergawe 34.6 KiB Werk met Firefox 3.6 - 10.0a1

1.BUG FIXED: no response of hot key sometimes
2.BUG FIXED: toolbar disappear in dailymotion.com

Weergawe 34.5 KiB Werk met Firefox 3.6 - 9.0a1

1.BUG FIXED: display menu using Alt+M to avoid linux hotkey conflict
2.BUG FIXED: flash using relative url cannot play
3.BUG FIXED: video of bilibili.tv and acfun.tv cannot play

Weergawe 0.5.1-signed.1-signed 34.5 KiB Werk met Firefox 3.6 - 9.0a1

1.Modify: change extension name to PopVideo
2.Modify: video of Youku and Tudou will play automatically
3.BUG FIXED: original video size of Tudou is wrong
4.BUG FIXED: location of toolbar icons are wrong in macos x
5.BUG FIXED: cannot play video when window is on top in macos x and ubuntu

Weergawe 34.4 KiB Werk met Firefox 3.6 - 8.0a1

======== version 0.4.6 ============
1.Modify: use home flash of Tudou supporting keyboard control
2.Modify: cancel quick mode and complete mode switching
3.BUG FIXED: YouTube wmode is transparent
======== version 0.4.5 ============
1.ADD: options of being as video size or last size, hide menu icons
2.Modify: do not close tab by default when popping video
3.Modify: options dialog
4.BUG FIXED: background of CNTV is white, toolbar of PPTV is invisible

Weergawe 37.1 KiB Werk met Firefox 3.6 - 8.0a1

======== version 0.4.4 ============
1.ADD: support qq,letv,sina,pptv continuous playing and popup link
2.Modify: youku video can be full screen outside the website
3.Modify: mtime video be adjusted to original size
======== version 0.4.3 ============
1.ADD: Popup video link of YouTube in context menu
2.Modify: letv, pptv, ifeng automatically resize to original size
3.BUG FIXED: minimize to cancel ontop
4.BUG FIXED: cannot play video in Firefox 3.6
======== version 0.4.2 ============
1.ADD: Esc to cancel maximized
2.ADD: Shift to cancel on top when full screen
3.Modify: Integrate toolbox icons
4.Modify: flash wmode and src
5.BUG FIXED: pinned tab being closed
6.BUG FIXED: baidu video cannot be popped