PictureFox - ImageFlow for Amazon se weergawegeskiedenis

7 versions

Wees versigtig met die ou weergawes!

Hierdie weergawes word net vir verwysing en toetsdoeleindes gewys. Gebruik altyd die jongste weergawe van 'n byvoeging.

Weergawe 1.41 112.7 kB Werk met Firefox 18.0a1 and later

* updated compatibility for Firefox 18

Weergawe 1.40 112.6 kB Werk met Firefox 4.0 and later

Fixed options menu.

Weergawe 1.22 122.9 kB Werk met Firefox 3.5 and later

- added support for Amazon.it and Amazon.cn!
- if HD pictures are available, the 'play icon' is now replaced with a new 'HD' icon.
- you can enlarge images now by simply clicking on them (works on normal and HD pictures)
- ImageFlow gallery now loads a little faster
- fixed many products

Weergawe 1.21 110.6 kB Werk met Firefox 3.5 - 4.0b8pre

- fixed support for Firefox 4 beta versions
- HD picture: fullsize / fit-to-screen view can now be triggered per click on the picture

Weergawe 1.20 114.7 kB Werk met Firefox 3.5 - 4.0b1

- added support for the new ImmersiveView gallery
- fixed google redirect bug
- fixed many previously non-working products

Due to a missing feature in Firefox 4 beta versions those are currently incompatible with PictureFox 1.20. Until i release a fix for this, please use PictureFox 1.11 if you are using a Firefox 4 Beta version. Thanks.

Weergawe 1.0 117.8 kB Werk met Firefox 3.5 - 3.7a6pre

- gallery loads much, much faster now (no preloading of hundreds of images anymore)
- fixed many bugs
- added zoom (arrow up key) in gallery

Weergawe 0.90 92.2 kB Werk met Firefox 3.5 - 3.7a5pre

- fixed some bugged products.
- improved non-imageflow gallery (see options)
- added support for customer picture comments
- improved performance