Microstock Image Contributor Toolbar (picNiche) 1.1.17


The picNiche microstock contributor toolbar depends upon the Firefox secure password management system to be able to automatically login to the microstock agency websites.

The data retrieved from the password manager is not transmitted to any third-party, or to any picNiche.com system. The information is used only to login to the agency site to which it applies or to the corresponding FTP server. It is not stored locally in any other form than within the firefox secure system.

The username you specify in the preferences dialog is transmitted to picNiche.com only if you use the 'Announce' feature to inform users of the Buyer/Search toolbar that new images are available. Your username is not shown to buyers by the picNiche toolbar, though if they follow the link they are shown they may be able to see your username or other details on the destination agency website.

If you do choose to make use of this feature, picNiche.com store the username, the agency name, the topic keywords you entered, and the date of submission. This allows us to link to your portfolio. This data is flushed from the database when it is no longer pertinent to image-buyers needs.

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