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Weergawe 1.6.1 78.3 KiB Werk met Firefox 1.5 - 56.*, SeaMonkey 2.0 - 2.52a1, Thunderbird 3.1 - 55.0a1

[x] Fixed compatibility with multi-process mode (Electrolysis aka e10s) in Firefox 47+ (#20).
[x] Fixed compatibility with Firefox 48+ (due to changes in nsIIOService, see bug 1254752).
[x] Fixed integration with Page Info window in Firefox 44+ (#22).
[+] Added Chinese (Simplified) locale (zh-CN), thanks to YFdyh000 (#23).
[*] Improved startup performance: code around context menu and commands was moved into lazily loaded separate file (#21).
[x] Fixed compatibility with future Firefox versions: don't use Array generics like `Array.forEach()` (bug 1222547).
[+] Show HSTS redirect flag in tooltip for “Direct Link” field.
[*] Updated compatibility with Private Tab extension: track toggling of private state using tab duplication in Firefox 51+ (see Private Tab #244).
[x] Fixed URIs validation in Firefox 37-43 (caused by `nsIIOService.newChannelFromURIWithLoadInfo(…, null)` failure).
[x] Fixed detection of opening file dialog in Firefox 52+.

Weergawe 64.9 KiB Werk met Firefox 1.5 - 46.*, SeaMonkey 2.0 - 2.42, Thunderbird 3.1 - 46.0a1

[x] Workaround for empty properties window with enabled Adblock Plus 2.7 (#19).

Weergawe 1.6.0 64.9 KiB Werk met Firefox 1.5 - 45.0a1, SeaMonkey 2.0 - 2.41, Thunderbird 3.1 - 45.0a1

[+] Added support for “X-Archive-Orig-Last-Modified” header (used on
[x] Corrected handling of links like `private:///#` from Private Tab extension.
[+] Added displaying of resume download ability (in status field) (#4).
[+] Added Ctrl+Shift+C hotkey to open context menu for current row (#5).
[+] All keyboard shortcuts now configurable (extensions.linkPropertiesPlus.key.* preferences) (#6).
[*] Experimental: block Escape key directly after request finished to not accidentally close dialog instead of canceling request (extensions.linkPropertiesPlus.blockEscapeKeyDelay preference).
[*] Improved HTTP headers field: now used formatting and sections are collapsable (#8, #9).
[*] Changed extension icon (#10).
[+] Added toolbar button (#11).
[*] Improved URLs detection is selection: now detects `about:`, but ignores `http:`, `http://` and `file:///`.
[+] Added support for separate message window in Thunderbird and SeaMonkey's mail (#12).
[x] Correctly focus already opened link properties window with the same URI and referer, if URI is empty.
[+] Added ability to not use selection clipboard on Linux to prefill link in properties window (extensions.linkPropertiesPlus.preferSelectionClipboard preference).
[+] Added basic indication of request errors (only in link properties window): invalid URI or request error – red “Get properties” button, protocol with URI_DOES_NOT_RETURN_DATA flag or unknown protocol – gray “Get properties” button.
[*] Show request headers modifications from browser or other extensions (hidden preference extensions.linkPropertiesPlus.showRequestHeadersDiff to highlight changed headers) (#13).
[*] Middle-click on any menu item (and on toolbar button) to automatically start request with URL from clipboard.
[*] Double-click on “Referer:” label (or on empty referer field) to get fake referer from link.
[*] Open links after source tab only if extensions.linkPropertiesPlus.openInChildTab = true, also added extensions.linkPropertiesPlus.openInChildTab.onlyIfSelected preference to open in sibling tab only if source tab is still selected.
[x] Corrected localization for numbers and dates (extensions.linkPropertiesPlus.localeNumbers and extensions.linkPropertiesPlus.localeDates preferences) (#15).
[+] Added ability to save maximized state of properties window.
[+] Properties window: added hotkey to toggle full screen mode (F11).
[*] Implemented ability to drag link into button, that placed inside Australis menu-button (#16).
[x] Correctly handle about:* URIs in Firefox 36+.
[*] Improved support of Electrolysis (multi-process mode).
[*] Improved detection of selected text links (preferences: extensions.linkPropertiesPlus.context.onSelection.ignoreSpaces, extensions.linkPropertiesPlus.context.onSelection.detectionThreshold).
[+] Added ability to send GET request instead of HEAD (#14).
[*] Double-click on “Link:” label (or on empty link field) to paste URI from clipboard.
[x] Fixed compatibility with future Firefox versions (bug 1090880, #18).
[x] Correctly decode URIs in Firefox 40+.
[x] Save links with correct file name in Firefox 40+ (like “Save Link As…” from page context menu).

Weergawe 49.0 KiB Werk met Firefox 1.5 - 42.*, SeaMonkey 2.0 - 2.32a1, Thunderbird 3.1 - 35.0a1

[x] Corrected position of context menu item in SeaMonkey's mail.
[*] Now used platform-specific line breaks to copy multiline text to clipboard.
[+] Added ability to detect selected links in input fields (extensions.linkPropertiesPlus.context.onSelection.inInputFields preference).
[+] Added extensions.linkPropertiesPlus.ownWindow.cropFileNameInTitle preference to crop too long file names in window title (or hide it at all).
[+] Now fully compatible with per-window private browsing (include support for Private Tab extension) (#1).
[+] Added tooltip with all redirects to "Direct Link" input field (#2).
[x] Fixed position of item in Tools menu in latest Firefox Nightly.
[*] Minor optimizations and improvements.

Weergawe 45.8 KiB Werk met Firefox 1.5 - 20.*, SeaMonkey 2.0 - 2.17a1, Thunderbird 3.1 - 20.0a1

[x] Fixed fallback save method in Firefox 20.0a1.
[*] Improved handling of HTTP referers:
    * "Internal" and file:// links now never used as referers (but you still can manually set any referer).
    * Improved handling of built-in network.http.sendRefererHeader preference: now "Referer:" field shows real value (instead of old "internal" handling).
    + Added extensions.linkPropertiesPlus.useFakeReferer.force preference to use fake referer, if rererefs sending was disabled using network.http.sendRefererHeader.
    + Added extensions.linkPropertiesPlus.useRealRefererForTextLinks preference to send real referers for text links.
[*] Improved startup performance for main application window.
[*] Used built-in function to read text from clipboard + added changes for "Implement per-window Private Browsing" bug.
[+] Added possibility to load bypass cache: Shift+Enter or Shift+click/middle-click on "Get properties" button.
[*] Small internal improvements.