7 reviews for this add-on
  • looks bad

  • Their tools are obsolete and inaccurate. They have even p0rn backlinks in their pages, ugh...
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  • Is there any affiliation between mozilla and iwebtool.

  • You can have an idea of webtools you can access to when you look at : http://www.iwebtool.com/tools/

  • It’s a menu with only dead links.

  • Great tools, which provide easy links to the tools, and also nice design to the web tools.

  • I've just been refered to this addon and I'm glad I've found it. I'm also glad that iwebtool.com has created something like this. The extension gives me links to the tools at iwebtool and automatically fills the domain name with the current page you are on. Very helpful. A nice combination of colors aswell =).