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Weergawe 9.0.3 426.1 KiB Werk met Firefox 48.0 - 55.*

Full support for Multi Process Firefox (e10s).

Weergawe 8.9.7 348.0 KiB Werk met Firefox 30.0 - 49.*

Fixed Firefox 46 compatibility issue

Weergawe 8.9.6 299.8 KiB Werk met Firefox 30.0 - 46.*

This update fixes an issue with the upcoming Firefox Version 44+.

Weergawe 8.9.4 299.8 KiB Werk met Firefox 29.0 - 44.0

This release fixes several reported issues with some dialogs not being handled by e.g. ONLOGIN, ONDIALOG

Weergawe 299.8 KiB Werk met Firefox 29.0 - 41.*

Fixes several reported issues with automating file downloads

Weergawe 300.1 KiB Werk met Firefox 29.0 - 38.*

Minor update: Clarifies some error return codes

Weergawe 300.1 KiB Werk met Firefox 29.0a1 - 38.0

Version V8.88 is a maintenance release that fixes the following issues:

- TAG command fails since the FRAME number is not set to 0
- Specifying a file name without extension in the ONDOWNLOAD FILE parameter should save the file with the original extension
- SCREENSHOT FOLDER=* results in error general closed
- Clicking Apply in the settings dialog no longer dismisses the dialog
- Upgrading to Yosemite breaks some iMacros macros
- Using the +something syntax in ONDOWNLOAD FILE does not follow the rules outlined in the wiki

Weergawe 300.3 KiB Werk met Firefox 23.0 - 37.0

Fixed: Some strange freeze issue in V8.8.5 (sorry about that)
Fixed: ONDOWNLOAD checksum issue

Weergawe 289.4 KiB Werk met Firefox 18.0 - 35.*

Added: Firefox 32 compatibility
Fixed: ANSI issue
Fixed: CLEAR command issue (caused by Firefox API changes)
Fixed: More fixes for ANSI encoded file issues (on Windows)
Fixed: Replay problem introduced in Firefox 31 affecting macros using ONDOWNLOAD

Weergawe 287.2 KiB Werk met Firefox 21.0 - 33.*

This version fixes some Firefox 28/29 related issues.

Weergawe 287.2 KiB Werk met Firefox 21.0 - 30.0

This version adds support for the latest Firefox versions, several improvements, bug fixes, and the ability to upload and test macros on the AlertFox Web Performance Monitoring service.

Weergawe 276.8 KiB Werk met Firefox 17.0 - 28.0

Added: Firefox 25 and Firefox 26 support
Improved: Floating iMacros icon only during recording, blue frames back during replay
Fixed: 16 bug fixes and tweaks

Weergawe 278.8 KiB Werk met Firefox 21.0 - 28.0

Fixed: URL GOTO not working with local files on Firefox 23 and later
Fixed: Bookmark macros not working with Firefox 22 and later
Fixed: iimDisplay was not working

See also

Weergawe 271.1 KiB Werk met Firefox 21.0 - 25.*

New: IMAGESEARCH command also available in Firefox on Windows (requires iMacros Standard or Enterprise Edition)
Improved: Bookmarklet support
Fixed: Tab Mix Plus issue (caused by a recent Firefox update)
Fixed: Many other bug fixes and smaller improvements

Weergawe 263.6 KiB Werk met Firefox 16.0 - 23.*

This is a minor update (bug fixes only)

Weergawe 264.1 KiB Werk met Firefox 4.0 - 21.*

This version features the new EVENT command. You can select this recording mode in the "Record Options" dialog on the "Rec" tab. EVENT is a new *experimental* method to automate web controls that the classic TAG command can not automate: Drag & Drop, Sliders, Tricky date controls and similar elements.

We also fixed some Firefox 18/19 compatibility issues.

Weergawe 264.5 KiB Werk met Firefox 4.0 - 19.*

Added: ONERRORDIALOG Firefox 16 support
Added: Warning about Firefox 16 Javascript replay issues (real solution available soon)

For more information please see

Weergawe 264.8 KiB Werk met Firefox 4.0 - 19.0a1

Please see the iMacros for Firefox Wiki page for a detailed list of all changes.

Weergawe 264.0 KiB Werk met Firefox 4.0 - 16.*

This update fixed several reported issues.

For more details please see

Weergawe 264.0 KiB Werk met Firefox 4.0 - 14.0

Added: Firefox 8 support
Added: EVAL demo macro
Added: Performance Profiler support
Added: iimGetPerformance support
Fixed: Javascript performance issue

Weergawe 259.0 KiB Werk met Firefox 4.0 - 9.*

Added: Firefox 7 support
Added: EVAL demo macro
Improved: EVAL- detect e. g. if a date is older than x days or if a number is > then y.

Weergawe 258.0 KiB Werk met Firefox 4.0 - 8.*

Added: Firefox 6 support
Added: EVAL command (Detect if e. g. date is "older than 40 days" )
Fixed: Some smaller bug fixes

All details available at

Note for iMacros Scripting Edition users: The Scripting Interface is a separate binary now
-> To remote control Firefox with iimInit ("-fx") download and copy iimFirefoxConnector.dll in the iMacros installation folder (same folder as iMacros.exe).


Weergawe 425.0 KiB Werk met Firefox 3.0 - 7.*

This release adds full Firefox 5 support.

Weergawe 419.0 KiB Werk met Firefox 3.0 - 7.0a1

This is a maintenance release with bug fixes and smaller tweaks.

For details please see

Weergawe 418.0 KiB Werk met Firefox 3.0 - 6.0a1

Added: URL GOTO command returns http response codes e. g. 404
Improved: Start-up performance
Fixed: issue (social bookmarking)

For more details, see

Weergawe 418.0 KiB Werk met Firefox 3.0 - 4.0.*

Highlights of this update are:

Added: Full Firefox 4 support
Added: SAVE_ELEMENT_SCREENSHOT - Save screenshot of specified element (image, text,...)
Added: PROXY command to change proxy during a macro run.

Note: If you are upgrading from an older version, the iMacros sidebar will open first with an error, then close and and re-open again during the update. Of course, this upgrade procedure happens only once.

Weergawe 411.0 KiB Werk met Firefox 3.0 - 4.0.*

Weergawe 243.0 KiB Werk met Firefox 3.0 - 4.0.*

iMacros V7.0.3 is a recommend maintenance upgrade:

* Added: Demo-ExtractTable.iim demo macro
* Fixed: Removed the debug log file that was left over in V7.0.2 (see )

Weergawe 240.0 KiB Werk met Firefox 3.0 - 4.0b8pre

Weergawe 295.0 KiB Werk met Firefox 3.0 - 4.0b8pre

2010-10-26 - iMacros for Firefox V7.0.2:

Fixed: Firefox treats the NAME of select option as ID % while IE does not (improves FX/IE macro compatibility)
Fixed: Error message when ONDOWNLOAD command was used but no download occurred