63 reviews
  • I can't use it, My F12 is volume open,How can I open this?
  • Don't work on Firefox 65.0.2!! Please fix, all functions are buggy at this version...
    Please upgrade to latest firefox
  • why hackbar is in footer and not below address bar kindly someone show me a way how to put hackbar below a address bar not but not in footer like in console. Thanks
    Thanks for your feedback, new firefox does not support user interface below address bar. Devtool space is best which I chose.
  • Thank you! But what about headers?
    Need X-Requested-With header!
  • good
  • It appear a bug when I use post mode sendding data like username=admin'&password=admin. It will not work. However, if i change ' to %27, it could run normally. Please fix this bug about ' . Thank you!
  • vere good