Go-Mobile [Speed Boost] se weergawegeskiedenis

3 versions

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Weergawe 317.8 KiB Werk met Firefox 22.0 and later

A lot of things have been changed in this version. Everything from the icon, the the very core of how Go-Mobile functions has been revamped.

A few of the highlights:
  • Now works with private-browsing mode.
  • Multiple phone types and the ability to add more.
  • The ability to remember current settings on a specific site or page.
  • More accurate pretending to be mobile. ( can override JavaScript's navigator.userAgent ).
  • Better icon. ( Easier to find and can be hidden or moved. )

Weergawe 188.9 KiB Werk met Firefox 19.0 and later

Updated to SDK version 1.14.
Now makes sure the userAgent is reset on remove/disable.

Weergawe 185.1 KiB Werk met Firefox 17.0a1 and later

Fixed bug # 1 (some rendering issues caused by having webkit instead of mozilla in the user agent)
Fixed bug # 2 (not resetting useragent after disabling or uninstalling extension)
Might have fixed bug # 3 (addon bar icon not movable and not removable)