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  • 过长的截图截不了
  • Essential for documenting any transaction on the web.
  • I must admit I used the free version for quite a few upgrades and loved it. Thought it would be interesting to use the full version…only regret? I waited this D### long to do it.
    Love what you made. Keep on rolling!
  • Like the FireShot app very much, it is one of the best out on the Website so far, it takes or captures the whole, part or even screen shot of certain area in a page, it is fast & precise with a camera shot sound, it also gives you so many ways of saving whatever you capture, I tried it on the newspapers with so many different coloures & the captured shot is exactly like the newspapers, like I mean the different coloures of the page. I give five stars to the creaters of this important & wonderful app, thank you buddy for making our lives a much easier.
  • Отличное расширение. Одно из немногих которое справляется с захватом всей страницы,особенно если страница очень длинная,плюс можно скроллить и так захватывать.
  • Finally found this ideal screenshot tool; unlike most other screenshot addons this one conveniently has faster right click menu availability..... Also, this is one of very few that actually can save as .jpg files; a few other tools claim they can but their .jpg option to save does not work. This is the best all round FF addon screenshot tool in my opinion..... the fans of the old firefox days will find this tool as powerful as the popular and versatile but now defunct Picozu screenshot tool.
  • This is one of the best addon for webpage capture by susbox
  • Easy, but powerfull ;-)
  • Handy, reliable and very useful!!! Thank you, developers! :)
  • Awesome tool
  • This is the best browser screen capturing app I've ever tried!
  • Love the app... EXCEPT, it is constantly reverting to the free version and I have to go through a circus to remind it that I OWN the PRO VERSION. This has happened at least 50 times. Reentering license info is only a temporary fix. VERY frustrating. From Google, I'd expect it. Not from FireShot.
  • Absolutely beautiful.
  • Outstanding add on, have used it for years without a single issue. Highly recommend it to anyone needing screen capture ability
  • Most intuitive interface for Screen Capture and Annotation Add Ons
  • It works great and has all the needed and necessary functions. ( Though it would be handy to have the possibility to define the page size of a PDF)
  • Genial!! la MEJOR APLICACION para guardar una web en PDF, te permite elegir si quieres gusrdar toda la pagina o solo la parte visible y tambien puesdes guardar en JPG. Gracias por hacerla es Super!!
  • It perfectly saves my pages and does this in a very simple way
  • it's so good....
  • Not terrible, but recently it's started hogging so much memory it freezes the entire computer for ten minutes or so.
  • best addon to print full websites as a pdf
  • I use it regularly to make screenshots to keep a proof on my computer of any kind of deal on internet.
    I also use it a lot to keep some informations I can look for on internet.
    And it's so easy to use !
  • excelente para mi
  • I think this is the best add on for web capture, although for free version it's doing best. For Pro User, I recommend to buy the pro version.