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  • This works great for me - really useful for when I'm doing content management - thanks a bunch!

  • Works great for me.

    @ Matt No. Maybe you should makes sure you know what you are doing before calling something rubbish. (make sure to change your language to Aussie English. Right click a text box...)

  • It won't work unless you've correctly guessed there's an obscure language setting that needs to be changed (as noted above). Probably a good idea to point that out, might avoid some flaming.

  • It's a pity this isn't Australian English. It's American English. Australian spelling gets marked as incorrect. Don't bother downloading this rubbish.

    Developer response

    Matt, Could you please outline which Australian spelling you are having trouble with.

  • @Aussie Dave, Removing words incorrectly added to the custom dictionary is really quite simple. See this page for a guide that should point you in the right direction. http://perishablepress.com/press/2008/04/13/how-to-edit-the-firefox-custom-dictionary/

  • I install it every SM update, with out fail. Thanks m8.

  • I love this pack, now I have to install it on all the machines I use Firefox on. Can anyone create an addon that lists all the addons I normally use and helps me download them in one go? :)

    btw Ross, I think in this case it's allowable. In this case 'being marked incorrect' could do with an 'as' before the final word but I'd say it's acceptable common usage. We Are talking about an Australian language pack here, we use slang like it's going out of style.

  • Even if all the Aussie slang isn't there you can add it yourself. Thanks heaps for the add-on.

  • Used a fresh install of GNU Icecat (which is essentially a free-software focused version of Firefox) which was driving me batty with its American spelling. Working on a jewel*L*ery while stating what colo*U*rs the jewels are site makes a big difference with inline spelling.

    Thank you for the addon.

  • Well, you may be sick of spelling mistakes, but that hasn't stopped you making a grammatical mistake in your description!

    'Incorrect' is an adverb here, not an adjective, and should be spelt 'incorrectly'!

  • Have been using for a long time now, and it's refreshing to have a localised dictionary that understands my 'colourful' language.