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  • I like your Addon, but it is not working anymore on the 64 bit build of Firefox (Windows). I guess it's because of the WinAPI usage for the recycle bin. (What is anyway unnecessary in my optinion, so maybe just drop the recycle bin support or fix it)

  • Thank you i use it everyday!

    Developer response

    You are welcome.

  • Perfect thanks !!! ;-)

  • Good, but version 1.4.9 is not compatible with firefox 25.0.1 although it should (1.4.8 works) ! Please fix that, thank you in advance.

  • Good, but please add the the delete file option to the Firefox 26 download panel context menu, not just the library view. See: i(dot)imgur(dot)com/ouj989V(dot)png
    Replace (dot) with .

  • now it won´t work with the old downloads manager, whyyy :(Edit: I was lucky to find a 1.4 version backup and now I´m using it. The old download manager suits me best... :)

    Thanks for your reply!

    Developer response

    I have deleted the version 1.4.8 use version 1.4.7 and sorry about this.

  • Great little addition to the Downloads list, but the developers Username scared me too much so I have deleted the add-on from my system.

  • so far so good, no conflicts with other addons, does it's job. 5 stars!

    i know i'm being picky now, but could you add a right click context menu to delete a download off the downloads list too, would be even nicer.....

  • Exactly what I was looking for. No more going to the downloaded files area to delete update install files. Simple Add-on that allows deleting file(s) directly from the Download Box providing you don't clear the history first. Excellent tool to delete those D/L'ed updates that are typically "run-once" and don't self delete. Would be nice to see a "Reload/Refresh" button to see other install files that could be deleted from within the D/L window.