Just use a tab Rated 2 out of 5 stars

This seems pretty silly:

1) it has a privacy policy -- FOR PREVIEWING WEB SITES? what?! why? To me this sounds like spyware. Its just "legit" because you accept it and install it.

Lets not be naive: FF was built on privacy and security -- why trade that away?

2) it can be done simpler: Just open a tab.

Ctrl + Click and find the new tab up top -- pretty easy. the page is loading by the time you find it.

yet with this extension, is it really easier to:

Hoover -- wait -- find the icon (it is very small)... then click it.

3) some may argue that you simply don't want a million tabs opened -- this is perfectly reasonable thinking. I, myself, have the same issue and that's when i'll lead you to check out FoxTabs. Its an AWESOME tab management extension with grouping & customizing -- and has previews of tabs...

Foxtabs are invoked with ctrl + tab which means this whole operation is done with:

Ctrl + Click then Ctrl + tab -- very quick, very deadly.

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