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Hoekom is CookieRank 1.0 gebou?

CookieCert.com was created to let users see what kind of cookies were being dropped when they browse around the web. After the CookieCert database grew to a reasonable size it seemed like a nice idea to make it into a browser add-on so that users can see the cookie score of a site without actually having to go to CookieCert and manually type it in for sites they are interested in. It also then acts as a real-time privacy tool immediately informing users of a sites cookie score the moment they load it.

I personally find it useful to see what site's scores as I browse, especially for new sites that I have never been to.

It is a very simple extension, but one we hope people will find useful.

Wat is volgende vir CookieRank 1.0?

We are open to suggestions, so please email us if you have a particular idea or request for this extension.

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