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Weergawe 1.0.3 10.8 kB Werk met Firefox 42.0 and later

Some changes to how permissions are defined, should now work with new versions of FireFox.

Weergawe 1.0.2 10.8 kB Werk met Firefox 39.0 and later

Maintenance release

- permission enumerator moved to `Services.perms.enumerator` from `gPermissionManager._pm.enumerator`

Weergawe 1.0.1-signed 9.2 kB Werk met Firefox 3.0 and later

+ New Options
Choose in which exceptions lists the search bar and context menu is enabled; popup and image exceptions use the same dialog (noticed by Foxtail, thanks)

+ Bug Fix
Clear button now works
Context menu's "Session" is hidden for the lists mentioned above as it is for cookies specifically

+ Bump max version for Firefox 6

Weergawe 0.9.1-signed 9.2 kB Werk met Firefox 3.0 and later

+ Context Menu
Right click on the list of exceptions, can disable this in options. Lets you change permissions as requested by user k2jp

Known Issue (Fx4/5)
Changing an existing exception to a different rule then changing it back to the first rule does not work unless you close and re-open the window. This may be a bug with Firefox; there are 3 choices and toggling between the other two seems fine and this can be reproduced using url input box.

Weergawe 0.8.1-signed 7.2 kB Werk met Firefox 3.0 and later

+ Small speed improvements
Should be apparent if you un-check both RegExp and glob

+ Default behaviour changed
Uses filter by plain text by default (more closely reflects other filters)

Weergawe 0.7.1-signed 7.2 kB Werk met Firefox 3.0 and later

+ Fix
Cache now updates when required.

Weergawe 0.3.1-signed 6.1 kB Werk met Firefox 3.0 and later

+ Fix
Object wasn't initialising properly, initialisation now done by a function.