Chromifox Extreme Blade 1.0.2


Chromifox Extreme Blade vereis dat u die volgende eindgebruiker-lisensieooreenkoms aanvaar voordat installasie kan voortgaan:

Chromifox Extreme BLADE is a free open source project published under the MPL/GPL/LGPL tri-license. Some of the included toolbar icon designs in Chromifox Extreme BLADE originally appeared in the Chromium web browser, which is the open source project behind Google Chrome. However, Chromifox Extreme BLADE is an independent project that is NOT part of Google in any way. The authors of Chromium licensed it under the BSD license (Full terms at As such, it is believed that the use of the Chromium toolbar icons in Chromifox Extreme BLADE and other free open source projects is fair and protected under the BSD license.

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