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  • Wie ich soeben feststellen musste, gibt es bei der neuen Version von Firefox 16.0.1 Probleme mit der Kombination des Themes und der Aktivierung mit NightlyTester Tools, bis Version 15.0.1 lässt sich Bloodfire wunderbar nutzen, doch jetzt ist gerade keine Aktivierung von Bloodfire mehr mit Nightly Tester Tools möglich, hoffe auf Update!!! plz

  • the trick here is simple ...just edit the install.rdf file in the archive and u are done...

  • 5

  • You ROCK!

  • can you make one for firefox latest edition

  • Wow! I found you... !!!!!
    You have just made my day Cato62 :D
    i am so happy to find BloodFire 3 again and be able to install...

    guess what my browser is wearing today :D

    I first used your theme last year but as Firefox updated i lost this theme and other themes i was gutted :(

    I did come across Blood again but could not use it because Firefox 3.10 i think was, not compatible... ?? don't know why... ??

    my browser is now Firefox 3.15 and installed blood first time no probs :)
    i have added to my Favs collection too plus i added to my Firefox 3 Themes collection :))

    Anyway thank you hun for your Bloodfire 3 theme
    i love it and it's worth more than just 5 stars :)
    Hugs ~ Enjoy your Day/Eve.

  • mislq 4ee tfa tyka vs ste edin kyp tapaci !

  • This is great work! We all have a little dark side.This a cool theme. Good job Cato62

  • Best theme I ever used!
    -keep up the good work

  • Geweldig !!! Mooi hoor

  • I love it!

  • its really great, one of the best i've ever used. i love the colors and the buttons on it. 5star***** :D

  • Awesome thanks alot,its the only theme I've been using since you been making it,no BS really the truth,love the work and design..Thanks for keeping it updated,I'm saved :D

    Developer response

    Thank you so very much! What a nice compliment.

    I get a lot of help when I hit a road block. The people don't want credit, but they know who they are. And you users are the BEST!

  • Really needs an update. Im using ubuntu linux and the menus all have a bug with the text disappearing...i dunno what causes it but closing/reopening the menu fixes it...still annoying, though...i love this theme its the best IMO but the text needs to be fixed...


  • I love this theme!! eagerly awaiting update for 3.6...

    @dandrac, the loading gears are a widget now, you can add to the toolbar by right-click>customize and then drag the gearbox onto your toolbar.

  • please upgrade to version 3.6, if possible, with the gears in the upper left corner to indicate the load of the page

  • i really hope you update bloodfire to 3.6 soon

  • Please please please update!, i use to use this when i had firefox 3.5 and loved it!!! (i know asking you to do this isn't gonna make you guys go any faster but...im still hoping)

  • 3.6 please.......................

  • 3.6 please.......................


    Developer response

    Hospital stay for over a month has me a bit out of the loop, and all of my tools are on desktop. Soon as I get well. Thanks! :)

  • Awesome dark theme for when I'm feeling evil.

    Developer response

    That was part of the idea when put together. Sort of that wicked, heavy metal vibe *evil grin*

  • Nice color combo ;)

    Developer response

    Definately my favorite combination! :)

  • It is hard for me to read my tabs.

    Developer response

    I get this from time to time, but they read just fine on my system, and that's really the only one I have to work with. Thanks for the review just the same.

  • mate this is awesome theme i have been looking for this type for years thanks for making it shareable

    Developer response

    Glad you like it! :)