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  • User-Agent Switcher and Manager

    User-Agent Switcher and Manager

    Spoofs User-Agent strings of your browser with a new one globally, randomly or per hostname

    27 727 users

  • Privacy Badger

    Privacy Badger

    Automatically learns to block invisible trackers.

    540 890 users

  • Dark Reader

    Dark Reader

    Dark mode for every website. Take care of your eyes, use dark theme for night and daily browsing.

    148 245 users

  • Google Search Fixer

    Google Search Fixer

    Override the user-agent string presented to Google Search pages to receive the search experience shown to Chrome.

    9 660 users

Top rated extensions
  • Ctrl+Number to switch tabs

    Ctrl+Number to switch tabs

    Adds keyboard shortcut Ctrl+1 to switch to the first tab, Ctrl+2 to switch to the second, and so on. Ctrl+9 switches to the last tab.

    864 users

  • Decentraleyes


    Protects you against tracking through "free", centralized, content delivery. It prevents a lot of requests from reaching networks like Google Hosted Libraries, and serves local files to keep sites from breaking. Complements regular content blockers.

    176 440 users

  • CF-Predictor


    This extension predicts rating changes for Codeforces. It shows approximate deltas during and after the contest.

    1 087 users

  • Dark Mode

    Dark Mode

    Turn off the lights for the web browser with the Dark Mode extension!

    1 154 users

Trending extensions
  • YouTube Downloader

    YouTube Downloader

    YouTube downloader 2019 updated!

    1 399 users

  • Google Traductor

    Google Traductor

    Traducir el texto seleccionado con Google Translate.

    1 134 users

  • Google Tradutor

    Google Tradutor

    Traduza o texto selecionado com o Google Tradutor.

    1 347 users

  • Steam Accgen helper

    Steam Accgen helper

    Helper addon for https://accgen.cathook.club/

    1 516 users