Phony se weergawegeskiedenis

15 versions

Wees versigtig met die ou weergawes!

Hierdie weergawes word net vir verwysing en toetsdoeleindes gewys. Gebruik altyd die jongste weergawe van 'n byvoeging.

Weergawe 3.6.2 12.0 KiB Werk met Firefox for Android 14.0 - 56.*

Updated to include newer user agents for Chrome, IE, and Safari.

Weergawe 12.1 KiB Werk met Firefox for Android 14.0 - 36.0a1

Use more recent User-Agent strings from other browsers.

Weergawe 3.6.1-signed.1-signed 12.0 KiB Werk met Firefox for Android 14.0 - 22.0

Updated some UA options to include newer version numbers. Added a "Chrome" option.

Weergawe 3.5.1-signed.1-signed 12.0 KiB Werk met Firefox for Android 14.0 - 21.0

Add Firefox OS to the list of user-agent strings.

Weergawe 3.4.1-signed.1-signed 11.9 KiB Werk met Firefox for Android 14.0 - 17.0a1

This version fixes a bug that could prevent Phony from loading when Firefox starts.

Weergawe 3.2.1-signed.1-signed 9.2 KiB Werk met Firefox for Android 13.0a2 - 15.0a1

This update fixes a bug in Firefox 14 (Aurora) and 15 (Nightly) that caused the wrong option to be selected by default in the Phony dialog. It also updates the list of available user agents to use newer versions.

Weergawe 11.6 KiB Werk met Firefox for Android 11.0a1 - 15.0a1

Now compatible with the native Android UI in Firefox Aurora and Nightly builds.

Weergawe 2.0.2 79.0 KiB

Update for compatibility with Firefox 8.

Weergawe 2.0.1 7.0 KiB

Added options for iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Weergawe 2.0 7.0 KiB

This add-on can now be installed or removed without restarting the browser.

Weergawe 1.0 6.0 KiB

New icon by Sean Martell.

Weergawe 0.3 4.0 KiB

Version 0.3 adds Microsoft Internet Explorer to the list of options.

Weergawe 0.2.2 4.0 KiB

Version 0.2.2 adds license and copyright information to the source code.

Weergawe 0.2.1 2.0 KiB

This release fixes compatibility with the latest Fennec 2.0 nightly builds.

Weergawe 0.2 2.0 KiB

Version 0.2 fixes a (harmless) error that appeared in the JavScript error console.