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My Favorite Add-ons autor: Diego

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Featured Add-ons for Seamonkey autor: Mozilla

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TG's Seamonkey Themes and Addons autor: Tehmul Ghyara

Addons for Seamonkey

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我最喜爱的附加组件 autor: Calon

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Полезные расширения для SeaMonkey последней версии autor: NARKOZ

Полезные рекомендуемые и рабочие расширения для SeaMonkey 2.0.6

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Sécurité, Vie privée, Anonymat autor: tuk0z

Outils infos améliorant vie privée et sécurité en ligne : partage d'ordi, pour enfants et adolescents ; face à la rétention des données (lois DADVSI, HADOPI, SOPA, fichiers Périclès, PRISM...) ; etc

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My Favorite Add-ons autor: mal916

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Mis complementos favoritos autor: Nico

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Basic Browser Sanity autor: Roberta

A small collection of add-ons to make life on the web bearable with a minimum of distraction. Read just what you want, save your bandwidth and attention for what you were actually looking for.

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My Favorite Add-ons autor: Hellebaard

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SeamonkeyNo.1 autor: alpha.omega101

Date, una vuelta por el gran oceano de aplicaciones para el querido Mozilla Seamonquey

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Kai's SeaMonkey Add-ons autor: Kai Liu

SeaMonkey add-ons that I created and use every day.

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My Favorite Add-ons autor: Lipe

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SeaMonkey Power User Addons autor: piker

Addons for the power user and uber geeks focusing on essential security, privacy, developer and other must have streamlined browser tools.

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Tools Essenziali per Seamonkey Suite autor: phunster

Enhance Seamonkey with a collection that customizes Menus giving an overall better appearance, blocks ads, adds direct RSS and Weather Forecast monitor capabilites, plus a better Google and Youtube.

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My Favorite Add-ons autor: sloprlek

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My Favorite Add-ons autor: lantius

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Research, Collect & Share autor: tuk0z

As I do a lot of search, organize (categorize) and share findings: These add-ons help make it much more efficiently. Please share your own!
Another good coll' is dailyrebellions 'Research Collection'

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My Favorite Add-ons autor: kim k

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Seamonkey Témy autor: artam

Témy pre Seamonkey

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