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Not working at all

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best search tool bar this

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Thank You Metal321.
To change the maxVersion still works with FF 43, but will not work with FF 44.

The real problem is that this add-on is not signed. According to timeline of the Add-ons/Extension signing Mozilla-wiki page:

Firefox 40-42: Firefox warns about signatures but doesn't enforce them.
Firefox 43: Firefox will have a preference that allows signature enforcement to be disabled (xpinstall.signatures.required in about:config).

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I've got this addon working. I used the "fixed" version but I assume it will work with this version if you can download it. I first used FEBE to backup my addons and I then used a ZIP program to unzip the Googlebar XPI. Then I used Notepad to look at the Install.rdf file. Look for these lines:

<!-- Firefox -->

Look in Firefox Help/ About Firefox menu to see the what your version of Firefox is and change the max version to that. You'll have to do that for every new version of Firefox unless the author updates the addon. Now you have to type about:config into the address bar. Now type in xpinstall into search box. Now look for xpinstall.signatures.required. Double click on it which will change it to false. Now go to Add-ons in the Tools menu. Click on the gear icon menu then click on Install addon from file and search for the location that you specified for your FEBE backup and install Googlebar. Now your set.

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I was saddened to see this stop working, as it has been my favorite add-on since it was first published. For those like me that miss it, I can verify that the Fixed version published by David White at https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/googlebar-fixed/ does in fact work, and after comparing the source code, it is clear that there are no hidden changes in the code.

A fixed version for Firefox 36 is available Avaliado em 5 de 5 estrelas

I have updated the Googlebar code to work with Firefox 36. (Basically, I changed all the "const" declarations to "var" declarations.) It has not gone through the Mozilla review process yet, but can still be downloaded directly from https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/googlebar-fixed/

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Been using this since FF 1. Unfortunately FF v36 just killed it dead, no buttons work. Any idea? Will a fix be forthcoming?

Just checked the support site and it looks like it's gone. Abandoned addon I do believe now.

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Like others, I have used this add-on for years and now find that it is apparently broken with Firefox 36.0/ have tried editing the install.rdf file to bump the max version, but that doesn't work. Will someone be able to get this working again. I miss it!

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Das Add On ist OK und sehr hilfreich, fast wie die originale, von FF ausgesperrte Google Toolbar. Doch wie hier schon berichtet wird, ist das Add On mit heutigem Update auf FF36 nicht mehr zu benutzen, nichts passiert. Dass es weiterhin hier angeboten und nicht als inaktiv gekennzeichnet wird, ist schon bemerkenswert.

FF 36 just killed it Avaliado em 5 de 5 estrelas

Been using this since FF 1. Unfortunately FF v36 just killed it dead, no buttons work. Any idea? Will a fix be forthcoming?

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Update for my previous review:
You are right. It did not work on Firefox26. The last working FF version with the old google toolbar is FF 25.01.
Also with the tweak of Tab Mix Plus you will lose the ability to drag a tab to put it on another monitor. (Actually it can be done but it will leave an empty tab that you can't close unless you restart FF.)

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Only reason I am using googlebar is because I updated to FF 26.0 and although I can get Google Toolbar to work with the update, it causes the new tabs button to not work and causes problems. I wish there was an autocomplete feature like Google Toolbar has, so when I type something suggestions show up in drop down menu. Also wish there was an auto fill option to automatically fill out a form as well and the ability to drag buttons to the toolbar or get more buttons besides what is listed in the options. I was able to do that with Google Toolbar and was one of the best features because I could type something in search box and click the YouTube button for example, and the site would show up with my results for what I was searching for. I give it 3 stars because it's just ok for me.

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There is no Password Manager which I use frequently No Autofill again I use this a lot as well and I think it didn't have a share button as well, I imagine it will improve but until then I'm sticking with the crippled(for lack of better word) version of Google Toolbar and the addiction of Fuss Google Bookmarks. Pleeeeese add key features such as I have mentioned. I love Google Toolbar but so far nothing comes close enough for me.

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It looks great. I was mainly hoping for a spell checker though.

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Excellent replacement for the core features of Google Toolbar. As noted by others, some features are missing, but hopefully this will be addressed in time. Meanwhile, this does not cause the problems that Google Toolbar does with more recent versions of FF.

Two requests: 1) Restore the keyboard shortcut to the search box (Alt-G); 2) Add the proper icons to the various search types.

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Googlebar covers much of the features of the old Google Toolbar, but not quite. Some bugs/missing features (when run on Firefox 12) are:

- The search navigation buttons don't work.
- Popup menus from the toolbar have no background
- No Google Bookmarks button. The GMarks add-in is good enough, but not as nice as Google's toolbar button
- No sharing button. The Shareaholic add-in is an adequate replacement
- The GMail button asks for login information whenever you click. If I click cancel, GMail comes up OK, because the login cookie is present in the browser. It really shouldn't have to ask.

I hope the author decides to update this useful toolbar, fixing the bugs and implementing missing features.

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I use this daily, first extension I install on a new computer. Works great on SeaMonkey 2.7

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Has barely a third what GTB had. Half the existing Google search types aren't even there. But also, no sharing buttons, no Translate button.

If you just want an easy way to get to different Google search types you would be better off with the Add To Search Bar addon. Or right-click and do Add A Keyword For This Search and then you can e.g. "google stuff" or "gmaps address" etc from the location bar.

Not as Broken as You Think in FF 8 Avaliado em 4 de 5 estrelas

What I found was that I don't always get the "null" search result, and when I do, if I open, or switch to, an empty tab for the active tab, it will work after all. This is still the best add-on for the job.

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Image search broken. When you enter search words then click the image search icon (the half white/red canister, whatever that is), it appears to work, but then throws you to google.com with nothing there.