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Yes - it does make the scrolling considerably smoother, though it is irritating that pages scroll so slowly. The 'normal' speed setting is too slow, but anything above that is just as, if not more jerky than it was before!

SeaMonkey 2.39 Avaliado em 5 de 5 estrelas

It works well in SeaMonkey 2.39.

Оно действительно РАБОТАЕТ!! Avaliado em 5 de 5 estrelas

Огромное Спасибо разработчику! Долго мучался с сильно дерганым скролом firefox, с этим дополнением всё как по маслу, доходит до 120fps при скроле страницы - успех! Честно, даже не ожидал что это дополнение решит проблему. Стандартный скрол с твиком в about:config редко до 100 fps доходил. Спасибо!

П.С. Мне кажется если отключить плавную прокрутку в настройках firefox, то дополнение работает лучше.

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It's very useful !!! I needed it !

Toda raba Avi :o)

DEACTIVATED in Firefox 43 Avaliado em 5 de 5 estrelas

FF 43 won't let me use SmoothWheel because it's not signed.

I managed to activate it by going to about:config and changing "xpinstall.signatures.required" to "false". This backdoor won't work with FF44 though.

Doesn't do anything in Thunderbird Avaliado em 1 de 5 estrelas

See title.

not needed anymore Avaliado em 4 de 5 estrelas

I've been using this for a long time. FF once was really bad/stuttering with smooth scrolling. Also this addon has good customizability. But after I upgraded to FF40 I decided to cleanup old addons and tried to remove SmoothWheel. I was surprised how well the built-in smooth scrolling was, even better than what SmoothWheel provided so far. Also FF has many options to customize the scrolling parameters and I've set it up just the way I want. SW also causes FF to stutter after some browser uptime. Not the built-in smooth scrolling. Also this addon seems abandoned long ago.
Edit: Ok, my 3-star rating was a bit underestimating. SW was doing its job quite well over the years.
Avi, not much to say really, over time the browser just starts to stutter when scrolling as the browser accumulates uptime. I have only 7 or 8 addons. Same setup, I disabled SW and fine tuned the built-in smooth scrolling through about:config, and FF scrolls better and smoother and does not degrade smoothness over (up)time. That's why the addon is not needed (at least in my setup) anymore. FF's smoothness is currently better than before and than SW's.

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It's not abandoned, and it works. If it ain't broken...

As for the "SW also causes FF to stutter after some browser uptime", I think it's highly unlikely, but if you could post to SmoothWheel's comments page with a better description and some steps to reproduce it, I'll look at it. Thanks.

Doing the job perfectly, save ONE defect, or maybe is it a bug Avaliado em 4 de 5 estrelas

This firefox extension does the job well.

There's only ONE problem, the page down and page up keys are now skipping ANY anymation and simply replacing what was seen before with what is one page below or above.
This is most distressing :(

Tested with the latest firefox stable, 40.0.3

SmoothWheel completely ignores page up/down presses and let Firefox do whatever it wants with it. It's highly unlikely (and I'm generous here) that Smoothwheel affects the page up/down behavior on your system.

Caution - While nice, causes major slow down over time. Avaliado em 3 de 5 estrelas

I am what you could call "computer savvy" when it comes to computer hardware and software along with a lot of experience in writting various computer code, home brew,etc. This addon while has the right feel "out of the box" will cause major slow down in overall firefox performance when multitasking with FF. To put simply - as i use smoothwheel with only one or two FF tabs works great but soon as you begin to open more and more FF sessions or more than two tabs open at different url's...smooth wheel greatly bogs down the overall firefox performance. This has been my findings after many tests on my main custom built PC that has cutting edge hardware and tested on a secondary PC and a two year old HP laptop. All the same works great as long as you only have no more than two FF sessions open or no more than two tabs open in FF but any more and FF begins to slowly but surely get bogged down by Smoothwheel.

I tested this on my main PC that is a 4770K Intel i7 processor overlcocked to 5.0ghz that has 8 threads along with 16gb system ram and a $600 high end graphics card. And of course as mentioned i tested this on a lower spec desktop PC and a high end HP laptop...same results. It is always best to make sure you test these addon's on muliple PC's to make sure your results are true which i did. One thing i like to add is that i did disable other addon's one by one to eliminate any other addons for being the cause of the slow down. So use with caution and if you are a multi tasker....I would really try other similar addons or just go fine tune your scroll via MS mouse options in control panel.

I'm not sure what your scenario is, or what you mean by "major slow down in overall firefox performance when multitasking with FF", but in general, Smoothwheel should not use more resources than simply dragging the scrollbar (continuously, slowly), and like dragging the scrollbar, it consumes 0 resources when not scrolling.

If that's not the case (i.e. it consumes CPU also when not scrolling or it consumes more CPU than simply dragging the scrollbar), then this is a bug, and I'd like to fix it. Please post some feedback to the SmoothWheel home page with exact steps to reproduce, including what happens as a result and what you were expecting instead (and if possible, also what happens when you drag the scrollbar slowly instead of scrolling using SmoothWheel).

That being said, I've been using SmoothWheel since 2003 (when I first wrote it) on every system I owned (dozens), both high and low end systems, and I cannot say I've noticed performance issues other than those which depend on how quickly Firefox can re-render the content at a new position (i.e. same as while dragging the scrollbar).

Of course, it doesn't mean you didn't find a new bug, and if you can help me reproduce it (not here at the reviews section, use the Smoothwheel page for that), I'll try to fix it.


So close - but two things wrong Avaliado em 4 de 5 estrelas

I keep this installed even though it breaks the text-box-scrolling. I'll update this review if / when this is fixed.

The jittery scrolling (with smooth scrolling turned on) always bothered me. This addon made my porn sites scroll by smoothly. However, it breaks the functionality of scrolling down through text box suggestions when you click down-arrow and hover over the box. Instead, it scrolls the page. It also doesn't appy its smooth-scrolling magic to some sites like this wikipedia entry with the references in two columns ( ). And CPU use bounces between 6% and 11% on this site ( ). There is a kludge for the text-box issue that requires GreaseMonkey ( ). [example links from Avanda 5-11-2008]

Author noted on May 31, 2014 he had v.46 done and it had the text box fix. Over a year later and no activity since. Rest in peace, Avi.

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Not work on 40-41+ version

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Smooth as silk. Highly customizable. Excellent.

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Un complemento que cambia completamente la experiencia al navegar, luego de probarlo no puedes volver atrás.

Merecería 5 estrellas si no fuere por algunos detalles como la perdida de funcionalidad en cuadros de texto, y tal vez en otros escenarios que no evalué personalmente pero se evidencian en otras valoraciones.

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This little add-on is pretty neat once you find your sweet spot.

Breaks scrolling in text boxes etc. Avaliado em 2 de 5 estrelas

This add-on would be great, but breaks scrolling in a drop-down box or text box.

If you hover over the box the box should scroll, not the entire page. Well this add-on completely breaks that functionality, therefore is unusable.

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Amazing. Thank you.

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スクロールのスピードをカスタマイズできることは評価するが、アイコン名の “Smooth” が「滑らか」と同義であるのであれば、(期待していたほどには、滑らかには動作せず)不満がある。
しかしながら、(冒頭に述べた)Speed-Control がフレキシブルに可能になる機能は嬉しい!
「機能」と「性能」は、他の同様なアイテムを凌駕しているので、 “Best-One” と推奨します。

обновите дополнение Avaliado em 5 de 5 estrelas

обновите расширение.В Firefox33 изменилась плавность прокрутки страниц,что привело к подергиваниям при использовании SmoothWheel

Must have but needs to be fixed since Firefox 31 Avaliado em 5 de 5 estrelas

I was never using the mouse wheel before I found SmoothWheel. Now I can't browse without it. :-)
Perhaps users with high latency LCD screens won't enjoy it, but for all the others it's a must have.
I miss it when I use other softwares.

Update: Thunderbird now includes a proper smooth scrolling of its own, so SmoothWheel should disable it as it creates problems when both are enabled at the same time.

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