TableTools2 - Copy/Sort/Chart/Filter Table&More! Vereist herstart

Does everything for an HTML table: Copy (table/row/column/cell), Sort (multi-column), Search (regex, range operations ...), Filter, Chart, Statistics, Rearrange, Combine/Compare. To use: Right click in a real HTML table for the "tabletools2" option.

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Download Status Bar

Als u iemand bent die graag de volledige controle heeft over elk aspect van uw downloads, dan is Download Status Bar de add-on die u zoekt.

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Download files using curl or wget. This addon generates curl/wget commands that emulate the request as though it's coming from your browser allowing you to download protected files directly to a separate machine (e.g. server).

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Download Manager (S3) Vereist herstart

View and manage downloads from a tidy statusbar

This is a new life in Firefox 26+ for old well-known addon Download Statusbar

New Features: Replace Downloads Library page.
Now you have full control of your downloads history!

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Copy Link URL Vereist herstart

Copy the URLs of the selected links to clipboard.

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Click to Play per-element

Restore "Click to Play" ability of per-element for Firefox 36 and above.

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xThunder Vereist herstart

Manage popular downloaders (Windows, Linux, Mac) and support special links of thunder,flashget,qqdl,ed2k,magnet,fs2you.

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Yandex Music Fisher Compatibel met Firefox 57+

Скачивание музыки с сервисов Яндекс.Музыка и Яндекс.Радио

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Download Panel Tweaker

Some tweaks for built-in download panel

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FlashGot Mass Downloader Vereist herstart

Download all the links, movies and audio clips of a page at the maximum speed with a single click, using the most popular, lightweight and reliable external download managers.

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Irvine ContextMenu Vereist herstart

Downloads links and images with Irvine.

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Link Properties Plus Vereist herstart

Provides extended link properties: size of linked file, last modified time, etc.

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Extended Link Properties + (obsolete) Vereist herstart

This application extends the Link Properties and displays File Size, Last Modified Date, Content Type and HTTP Header of a link...
Warning: developing discontinued, see least

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Double-click Image Downloader

Double-click any image to download it quickly and quietly, or use the Single-click feature!

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Transmission easy client

Transmission easy client - это дополнение позволяет легко интегрировать Transmission в браузер!

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Context Menu Image Saver

Save images to custom locations directly from the context menu.

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YouTube Download Plus

Download YouTube videos.

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小明牌电台工具 Vereist herstart


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list-it: take notes quickly! (listit, Vereist herstart

List-it is a fast, simple, 100% Free+Open Source (MIT License) note-taking tool for Firefox. Designed by a research group at MIT, List-it lets you quickly take short notes to yourself + quickly access them whenever and wherever you need em.

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SettingSanity Vereist herstart

Re-adds the options to disable Images, JavaScript, and the Tab Bar in about:preferences and the Options window.

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