Open With Adobe Illustrator Geen herstart

Open With Adobe Illustrator is a new companion for web designers, graphic designers and in general whom like to use Illustrator.

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Toegevoegd op April 20, 2016

Unityfox Revived Geen herstart

Adds a download progress bar and active downloads count to the Firefox icon on the launcher in Unity and KDE Plasma 5.6+.

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Toegevoegd op April 13, 2016

Flinkary Geen herstart

Flinkary is your favorite link library. You can easily save, organize and discover links. With the "Flink it!" Button you can quickly and directly save any link.

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Toegevoegd op April 10, 2016

Télécharger YouTube MP3 Geen herstart

Télécharger et convertir des vidéos Youtube au format MP3 depuis le site

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Toegevoegd op April 9, 2016

Privatkopiera Geen herstart

Ladda ned från SVT Play. Kräver ffmpeg.

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Toegevoegd op April 3, 2016

StopTubeHTML5 Geen herstart

Stops autoplay and buffering of youtube videos

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Toegevoegd op April 3, 2016

Contas Turbo Geen herstart

Gere Links Premium com apenas 1 clique com o Plugin Contas Turbo!

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Toegevoegd op April 1, 2016

Downloads videos easily from YouTube using

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Toegevoegd op March 25, 2016

Get Tutti Infos V2 Geen herstart

Save infos as HTML and Picture

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Toegevoegd op March 23, 2016

115Exporter Geen herstart

Assistant for 115 to export download links to aria2/aria2-rpc

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Toegevoegd op March 19, 2016

Youtube downloader mp3/mp4/3gp/flv/webm Geen herstart

Download and convert any youtube videos to any format

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Toegevoegd op March 18, 2016 Geen herstart

Więcej niż pobieranie! 20GB/24H + Catshare, Rapidu, Fileshark i inne + Kumulacja do 60GB!

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Toegevoegd op March 17, 2016

FireScreen - Screenshot Editor Geen herstart

Screen capture web page by

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Toegevoegd op March 15, 2016

Video Downloader Pro Firefox Geen herstart

Download any video and music from any website! Fast, easy, free!

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Toegevoegd op March 15, 2016

Embrace Italtel Screensharing Utility Geen herstart

Desktop-capturing API to share screen of any application or entire screen or screen of any chrome tab.

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Toegevoegd op March 14, 2016

PDFplus Geen herstart

A set of tools to help handle PDF content in web pages.

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Toegevoegd op March 12, 2016

APKFtech APK Downloader Geen herstart

This extension will help you download APK file Directly from Google Play Store through APK Downloader Service.

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Toegevoegd op March 11, 2016

downloadchibashi Geen herstart

Download from youtube, vimeo, soundcloud, facebook, etc

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Toegevoegd op March 7, 2016


Generate a PDF from webpage. It is converting your webpage to PDF. It will convert all the contents of webpage which is not in visible area also. No Server processing.

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3.695 gebruikers
Toegevoegd op March 3, 2016

Dediseedbox Torrent Uploader Geen herstart

This extension will recognise a .torrent file download and upload the .torrent file to a remote server running the rutorrent webui

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18 gebruikers
Toegevoegd op March 2, 2016