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Works as advertised. Too bad I didn't stumble upon this great addon earlier.

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Works perfectly. Restores that great findbar feature that Chrome has, with all the examples shown in the scrollbar. Awesome!

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Very nice addon. Would like regex/fuzzy search feature. Also suggest to change the preference window into a tab page design which fits better with the new FF design. Thanks for ur wonderful work.

I'm glad you like the add-on! Those features are already planned, and I'm working on the add-on as we speak. :)

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Very nice . its got a few unneccessary features which blow it and make it a bit slow(but thats more frefox´s problem than this addons) but its very comfortable and i will keep this installed

I'm glad you like the add-on!

It's true that the add-on has many different features, but those features that you don't want or need, you can just disable them in the preferences and they won't be even loaded into memory. I'm also already working on the next version of the add-on, which should have a performance boost all over.

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When Find bar is in the top right corner, the bar flickers (rapidly changes in size back and forth) when I am typing, because number of matches is rewritten with every keystroke. This makes it very uncomfortable to use it in top right corner. It's fine when it page wide (with corner option turned off), but I don't want the content of the page moving.

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When will the addon update to the latest stable version? I am waiting the new version for a long time, both stable and beta version.

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I'm actually working on it right now, I've made some real progress the last few days. Hopefully I can upload a new beta soon, maybe even still this month. I'm sorry to keep you waiting like this, I just hope in the end it'll be worth the wait. :)

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Lots of Configuration Settings Waardering 3 van 5 sterren

There are plenty of configuration settings, however, there is a huge and noticeable performance hit when using this addon instead of the stock firefox Ctrl+F.

There are a lot of performance improvements that I am putting into the next version, which will definitely boost find operations, regardless of the settings used.

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Each time I tried to use the find ability it would free for 5 seconds. My issue may be one that another addon conflicted with it. I stopped using this addon and now my find ability works fine.

There are a few issues with FBT and the latest versions of Firefox. I recommend you install the latest beta version for now, as it already has many improvements. If that doesn't help, please open an issue in the support page or send me an e-mail about it, with as much information as you can. For instance, it could very well be an incompatibility with another add-on, and I'll need to know which one to make sure I fix this for the next version.

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Any way to change the color of the 'phrase not found' box? Currently it comes up very light pink, I'd like to darken it. If I could access resources... 'not found' I could change it...

Replied to your github message. ;)

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I don't know why the built-in Firefox findbar refuses to give me a match count over 100, but this add on solved the problem quickly and easily. The additional features (such as the ripple effect when you loop through matches) are a bonus. Haven't had any problems using this. Thank you!

The Perfect Findbar Enhancement. Waardering 5 van 5 sterren

This add-on is wicked sweet; The BEST Find/bar enhancement, period. Love everything about it. The developer is definitely right with his suggestions, also... "Mozilla Labs: Prospector - Find Suggest" is a great addition. I, also, like "FindList", but it comes with a minor bug, sometimes (If you don't click the find box first, then pressing F3 for the next search may select the next word in the list box). Next on the todo list is to try out "Smart Find" with this awesome addon.

Attention Palemoon'ers: Findbar Tweak 1.4.18 from does NOT work with Palemoon 25.x, instead download a variation of this add-on version 1.2.2 at Hopefully Quicksaver will add Palemoon Compatibility in the future, but until then, we have a backup plan.

Unfortunately I won't be able to add Pale Moon support in the future. The differences between the current firefox version and the version Pale Moon is based on are just too great to be able to handle backwards compatibility like that.

I like it but one thing would make it better Waardering 4 van 5 sterren

Love the "Find in all tabs". I like to see the findbar always and I like to see my statusbar too. Having 2 bars both only half full seems a waste of space. Is it possible to add this to "additional tools and features" so I can drag it into the statusbar (Status-4-Evar)

Unfortunately, because of the way the findbar works and is constructed, it cannot be made movable into a toolbar like that. It really must be its own element.

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Handy Waardering 4 van 5 sterren

Although I already had a working "find" setup this does give a number of good improvements. For me the most useful is the multi-tab support. At this very moment I have 327 open and there certainly are situations in which it will come in handy.

Overall it appears well done and I have yet to see any bugs. Good job!

I'm glad you like the add-on, although I have to admit I'm curious as to why you only gave it 4 stars, since you didn't mention anything negative in your comments.

Still, I hope you consider updating your rating when the next version is released, which will fix many current bugs and implement a ton of new features that will hopefully make the find toolbar the ultimate firefox find tool.

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傑作品の「The Fox, Only Better」の開発者のバリエーションならではの「優れた便利アイテム」だ。

Also looking to keep text in bar when I open a new tab or go to another tab. Waardering 5 van 5 sterren

It seems what i wrote before about FBT not keeping the same search string in other tabs was due to something on my profile. I loaded another profile under FF 33.1.1 with the same settings and found it works.

Thanks again.

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Extremely buggy. Firefox freezes every time I open the findbar, even if I disable "Find in All Tabs" (latest beta version 2b1).

Please open an issue in the support page or send me an e-mail about this, so that I can track it and ask you for more feedback when I upload a new version.

Moving findbar to top is very slow under ff32 Waardering 3 van 5 sterren

Been happily using this addon for a long while on ff24 but recently I've bitten the bullet and migrated to v32.

It seems that under ff32 option 'Move to the top of the browser' causes search to work very slowly while maxing cpu usage (i.e. slow to open and slow to respond to keys entered).

RE: dev response -- doesn't look like beta fixes it either, I'll create ticket on github.

There are a few problems in the most recent versions of firefox that I still have to fix. I recommend you install the latest beta version 2b1 of FBT available in the development channel, as that has already many stability fixes.

Option to keep text in find bar Waardering 5 van 5 sterren

I cant seem to figure out how to keep the text in the find bar that I am looking for when I open a new tab or go to another tab. It blanks out and I have to keep re-typing the word that I want to find over and over. I am almost certain it used to do this in previous versions. Best add on I have installed!

That's a bug that has appeared in recent versions of firefox that I have to fix still. I'm very sorry for the trouble it's causing you.