Amazon EU: Price Comparison at a click

Compare Amazon EU Prices, easily
Click on the min-skas button while you are visiting a specific Amazon product page and min-skas will automatically search European Amazon sites to get the best deal for you!

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Toegevoegd op November 17, 2016 - zwrot za zakupy (cashback)

Aktywacja zwrotu pieniędzy za zakupy w sklepach internetowych

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Toegevoegd op November 14, 2016

Yemeksepeti Discount Calc.

Item discount calculator for

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Toegevoegd op October 28, 2016

Search Preview (for Steam)

View screenshots for games within the Steam search page with this extension. Rather than having to go to each individual game page to see screenshots, you can now see the screenshots for every game on the search page itself.

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Toegevoegd op October 14, 2016


Attached source code of dll which is being called by my addons.

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Toegevoegd op October 14, 2016

Recensioni Migliori

Le migliori recensioni dei prodotti da acquistare online con i grafici sull'andamento dei prezzi nel tempo e preziosi consigli per scegliere i tuoi acquisti.

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Toegevoegd op September 27, 2016

Search & Destroy for Amazon, Etsy and Ebay!

Extension to remember items you've already while searching + keyboard navigation (through items lists and pages)!

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Toegevoegd op September 23, 2016

Деньги за капчу

Получайте деньги за разгадывание капчи

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Toegevoegd op September 19, 2016


Az Árminimum megmutatja, hogy az adott ingatlant ki hirdeti a legolcsóbban.

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Toegevoegd op September 19, 2016

AnyPerk Extension

This extension provides a helpful reminder whenever you browse to a site that has perks on AnyPerk. Follow the link directly, login to your account, and redeem the perk first before buying!

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Toegevoegd op September 14, 2016

Amazon 2-Clicks Order

Avoid accidental purchase by replacing 1-Click button on Amazon

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Toegevoegd op September 13, 2016

Remember-To-Save Value saver

Saving reminders that informs users that they could save money on targeted websites by using the Remember-to-save service

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Toegevoegd op September 12, 2016

Steam Context Menu

Search Steam using the context menu

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Toegevoegd op September 10, 2016

Search for Sheet Music

Search for Sheet Music plus Audio Files to download instantly!
A powerful advanced search tool to find your sheet music with a right click

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Toegevoegd op September 7, 2016

Amazon FBA Calculator Widget

Amazon FBA Calculator Widget. Support
Amazon の商品ページでアイコンをクリックすると、商品・単価が設定された状態で FBA 料金シミュレータページが開きます。

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Toegevoegd op September 6, 2016

Loan Monthly Addon

A basic addon that calculates the loan monthly value, including interests.

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Toegevoegd op September 2, 2016

Zillow Lot Size Filter

Extends the lot size filter options to include larger acreages on

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Toegevoegd op September 1, 2016

Smile Helper

Helps to not forget to turn on Amazon Smile

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Toegevoegd op August 29, 2016

KickBack fra Santander knappen

KickBack fra Santander gir deg penger tilbake på din netthandel i over 250 butikker i Norge og utland.

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Toegevoegd op August 26, 2016

Price Advisor

By comparing prices from various e-shops(like amazon,ebay,walmart...) you will find best price for your desired product.

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Toegevoegd op August 20, 2016