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CallingID Link Advisor

CallingID Link Advisor verifies the links you see in Firefox and Thunderbird are safe before you follow them. When the mouse is placed over any link a risk assessment and the full details of the site owner are displayed, helping you evaluate the...

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Aggiunto il September 21, 2006

Dictionary Switcher

Toggles dictionaries automatically or manually and displays the currently selected one

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Aggiunto il September 20, 2006


In-page Currency Conversion Extension for Thunderbird and Firefox...

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Aggiunto il September 17, 2006


Questa estensione ti aiuta a spostare le email nella giusta cartella in base al loro contenuto, usa un classificatore bayesiano multilivello...

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Aggiunto il September 14, 2006

AddTo Miru Directory Server

The AddTo extension allows Thunderbird users to add contact cards direct to a shared miru directory server. Once added contact details are available via LDAP for auto-complete and address book search...

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Aggiunto il September 7, 2006

Get Selected Messages

Adds the button on the toolbars "Get All New Messages", "Get Selected Messages" and "Get Starred Messages", the analog of button from File and File->Offline->Get Selected Messages, Get Starred Messages for loading selected messages by...

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Aggiunto il September 2, 2006

QuickFolders (Tabbed Folders)

The "Swiss army knife" of folders. Turn your favorites into tabs - open folders and subfolders, move mails without scrolling around or searching. powerful + easy.

See new mail at a glance after automatic filtering - supports quickFilters addon!

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Aggiunto il August 27, 2006


Language learning : at every page load there appears a random Esperanto-Spanish word translated in the status bar. ...

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Aggiunto il August 21, 2006

Right Click Watch Ignore

Adds "Watch Thread" and "Ignore Thread" to right click context menu in Thunderbird and Seamonkey.

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Aggiunto il August 8, 2006


Persistent sticky notes for Thunderbird associated to mails...

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Aggiunto il August 1, 2006

Paste Feed Location

Fix bug 296542 by adding a Paste context menu to the Feed Properties (add subscription) dialog.

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Aggiunto il July 25, 2006

POW -- Plain Old Webserver

Turn the web on its head with the Plain Old Webserver (POW), which adds a server to your browser.

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Aggiunto il July 22, 2006


Adds a splash screen to most Mozilla and Mozilla Based products. Supports sound, opacity, CSS customization, custom images, and much more. You can add {appVersion}, {buildID} and {userAgent} to the loading text and it will be filled in for you.

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Aggiunto il July 20, 2006

TamilVisai (TamilKey)

A utility for typing in Tamil language. It will be ideal for Tamil bloggers...

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Aggiunto il July 20, 2006

Conversation Meta Language

Email Conversation using XML...

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Aggiunto il July 19, 2006

Scroll To Key

When moving from Outlook, I was missing the function to scroll to a message in the active folder by entering a letter or short strings. I am also still missing the possibility to first sort descending by date and then keep that sort order when...

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Aggiunto il July 16, 2006


An input method editor (IME) for Vietnamese. Type fully-accented Vietnamese directly into any Web page or dialog box using a standard keyboard.
Bộ gõ tiếng Việt để nhập dấu trực tiếp vào bất kỳ trang Web và hộp thoại dùng bàn phím bình thường.

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Aggiunto il July 13, 2006

Open all links

Open all http(s) links in an e-mail message with a single click...

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Aggiunto il July 9, 2006

SmartSave Thunderbird Extension

Ora è possibile esportare i vostri messaggi in maniera molto più efficiente, anche di cartelle IMAP.

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Aggiunto il July 3, 2006

Folder Account

Lets you associate user accounts and identities with specific folders. Great for multiple users who share TB, or for managing mailing lists.

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Aggiunto il June 29, 2006