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Web Developer di chrispederick

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The Web Developer extension adds various web developer tools to the browser.

React Developer Tools di React

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React Developer Tools is a tool that allows you to inspect a React tree, including the component hierarchy, props, state, and more. To get started, just open the Firefox devtools and switch to the React tab.

Vue.js devtools di Evan You

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DevTools extension for debugging Vue.js applications.

Redux DevTools di Zalmoxisus

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DevTools for Redux with actions history, undo and replay.

aXe Developer Tools di Deque Labs

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Add accessibility auditing to the Firefox Developer Tools

DevTools Media Panel di Karolien Koorts, Gerald Squelart

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DevTools panel that displays detailed technical information about media elements on the current page; intended primarily for web developers to understand media playback issues on their sites, and for users to provide more informative bug reports.

Laboratory (Content Security Policy / CSP Toolkit) di April King, Mozilla

Because good website security shouldn't only be available to mad scientists!

Laboratory is an experimental Firefox extension that helps you generate a Content Security Policy (CSP) header for your website.

Spector.js di BabylonJS

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Easily explore and debug any WebGL context.

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