Christian Sturm

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Nome Christian Sturm
Località Wien
Lavoro Developer
Utente da Aprile 25, 2011
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Lover of the open and free web with a passion for programming.

I am just an ordinary programmer and computer enthusiast who happens to like projects that help people. Concepts like P2P and Distributed Computing projects always fascinated me, for they are a lot about helping each other, using everyones skills and interests, sharing tools and thoughts, ...

In that regard I also think the internet in general is one of the greatest tools for these kinds of things and since Mozilla is all about being open and share I really love this community.

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Tor Flashproxy Badge

Simple extension that makes Firefox a bridge for censored users in countries with oppressive regimes.

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Großartige Extension. Ich hoffe die gibt es auch bald für andere Länder und Sprachen!

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