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A simple context-menu plugin to facilitate opening an arbitrary resource as
plain text (text/plain).

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Aggiunto il November 18, 2010


Colorizer is a web development tool. It uses a color picker to change the color of HTML elements in real time.

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Aggiunto il November 17, 2010

Power Debugger (Selenium IDE)

A plugin for Selenium-IDE to improve debugging and troubleshooting issues with scripts

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Aggiunto il November 15, 2010

DOM Inspector Plus! [dm]

Improved DOM Inspector! [dm version]. Box Model new layout & more data, see screenshot!. Horizontal scroll for Dom-Tree, and some more.
Inspects the structure and properties of a window and its contents.

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Aggiunto il November 14, 2010

Hard Refresh

A new context menu (menu appeared at right click) item dedicated for doing a hard refresh. Now with a button (must add to toolbar manually)

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Aggiunto il November 11, 2010

Personas Interactive Theme Engine

Created by where you can Build Your Own Browser Theme. Remove the limits of Personas. Get unlimited Personas, legible text; use with Firefox themes installed. Create your own Personas gallery; full CSS3 backgrounds, and more

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Aggiunto il November 9, 2010

Qworum for Firefox®

Provides advanced browser capabilities for modularizing and integrating web applications.

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Aggiunto il November 7, 2010

Transformice Ultra Fullscreen

Adds scrolling feature to Transformice

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Aggiunto il November 6, 2010


WATS is a SiteCatalyst HTTP monitor for Firefox. This add-on allows to visualize requests sent from websites to SiteCatalyst servers. It aims to make the testing process of the SiteCatalyst implementations easier.

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Aggiunto il November 4, 2010

Restartless Restart Riavvio non richiesto

This 15KB restartless add-on will add a "File" -> "Restart" menu item and a ctrl/cmd + alt + r hotkey to restart Firefox or Seamonkey.

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Aggiunto il November 2, 2010

Javascript Deminifier

This addon will deminify javascript before it is downloaded. This is useful when using firebug to debug a javascript application that uses javascript that has been minified.

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Aggiunto il October 29, 2010

Mozilla Labs: Rainbow

Record audio and video in the browser!

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Aggiunto il October 28, 2010

Illuminations for Developers for Firebug

Enhances Firebug to understand JavaScript libraries and frameworks, making things more obvious and helpful when debugging. Trial version, fully functional.

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Aggiunto il October 28, 2010

Dynamic URI changer

Changes URI (configurable)

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Aggiunto il October 23, 2010


Toggle cookies, javascript with a single click, and manage simple http proxy config, in the status bar.

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Aggiunto il October 21, 2010

The Saloon Bar

Sidebar support for The West (

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Aggiunto il October 21, 2010


FillForm is a small extension to help you fill page forms.
Fill out current web all forms with a keyboard shortcut(Alt + Q).

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Aggiunto il October 18, 2010

X-Forwarded-For Spoofer

Some clients add X-Forwarded-For to HTTP requests in an attempt to help servers identify the originating IP address of a request. Some clients, however, can set X-Forwarded-For to any arbitrary value. Some servers assume X-Forwarded-For is unassail...

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Aggiunto il October 18, 2010

utf8 characters Riavvio non richiesto

☞ utf8 characters is an extension that contains a list of cool characters ☆ ✪ ✰ to copy and paste into your messages ❀ on sites that use utf, like twitter or wordpress ☺ ✓

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Aggiunto il October 15, 2010

Copy Frame Address

Copy the address of a frame/iframe to clipboard from context menu

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Aggiunto il October 6, 2010