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very helpful, great saves space

Needs more options! Assegnate 4 su 5 stelle

#1. Bar POSITION option

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Thank you so much!

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Muy buena aplicación! Gracias!

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Can you please add "WorldIP" to the text "This also restores the status-bar area, so it works with extensions such as Status-bar Scientific Calculator, Version in Add-on bar, and Forecastfox Weather. Plus, it adds a new feature that lets you move the status-bar around!"

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First off -- have been using this ever since FF decided we didn't need an Add-on bar. It's where i keep World-IP, ABP, NoScript and a few other tools.
Problem is, some sites seem to have found a way to turn this toolbar OFF. And when this happens, my wife freaks out. Any way to 'lock' it on?

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So stupid of Mozilla to completely remove the original bar. They could have made an option to hide or show instead. I need it for the World IP addon.

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I initially had a problem with this add-on as it didn't seem to be working in Firefox 35. There was no button to add via Customize and upon enabling I didn't see any new area to keep my addons.

To enable the addon bar you need to go to Customize, then near the bottom click on Show/Hide Toolbars to enable the new bar.

The only issue I have now is that I can't move the bar to the top of the window. I'd like to be able to have it below my address bar, which is why I'm not giving it four stars.

Not working in Ffx 35.0.1 using Windows XP SP 3 Assegnate 2 su 5 stelle

I just learned of the add-on today from the home or main page for add-ons for Firefox, Mozilla having apparently made this one the "pick of the month". Well, I ran the installer at and there's no indication that the extension was added. There's no visible indication in the standard, default browser interface and nothing listed in Tools | Add-ons manager, either. It does see, however, to have caused the RequestPolicy browser interface icon to have disappeared. RP is still accessible for setting options for the extension in the Firefox add-ons manager, but the icon was on my toolbar until running the installer for The Addon Bar.

Restarting Firefox is supposed to not be necessary when installing The Addon Bar and restarting Ffx doesn't correct either problem. Going to my Firefox profile folder for extensions shows that the .xpi file for The Addon Bar was downloaded, so I'll now move it temporarily to the main Firefox Profiles folder and will restart Ffx again to see if RequestPolicy's toolbar icon is restored.

Actually, opening the .xpi file using an archive app. permits opening the .rdf file and you say, in the installation page, the the add-on is suited for Ffx 29.0a1 and up or more recent, but the .rdf file says that you set the max. version to Ffx 32.0, so before moving the .xpi file, I'll modify 32.0 to make it 35.0.1 and give this a test run.

That, however, indicates another problem. When running the installer for your extension, there should've been an alert to notify me that the add-on isn't suitable after Ffx 32.0 yet according to the .xpi file.

Update: The .rdf file modification doesn't work, but I'm not using the Australis theme, still sticking with the default one for Ffx. So, Maybe I shouldn't be trying to use your add-on at all to begin with since it seems to be for Australis theme users.

I do now see The Addon Bar in the Firefox Add-ons manager, however. Perhaps it was there the first time and I was just looking at extensions for which the names begin with 'A', rather than 'T', so didn't previously see the entry in the add-ons mgr.

RequestPolicy's toolbar icon still isn't showing up and it wasn't moved to the status bar of the browser. When clicking at the top of the browser and choosing Customize ..., RP also isn't available there for icons to add to the toolbar.

So, I'll now completely move your add-on from the Ffx profile folder and see if this restores RP.

Update 2:

It seems to have worked, for the RP toolbar icon could be restored using the Customize ... browser option. Maybe RP was there all along and I didn't see it because Firefox isn't ordering the extension icons, or whatever they're called, for the toolbar alphabetically, but I had looked at all of the names and didn't see the RP one until removing your add-on from the Firefox profile being currently used. Your add-on was effectively removed, for it no longer shows up on the Ffx add-ons mgr.

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Ahhhhh, that's better.

Finding this addon is like scatching 'that' itch that until now I've been unable to reach. Thank you so much for this.

Why did FF remove this?

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Thank you so much for bringing this back! I missed it so much and my toolbar was so messy with add-on buttons.

Works perfectly, thanks again.

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Amazing Add-on. Finally I can put all of my add-ons on screen. TnX very much!

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Works perfectly.

If you can't find your Addon Bar, here's a suggestion:
- click the Open Menu button on the toolbar
- click Customize
- and, on the Show / Hide Toolbars scroll... enable The Addon Bar.

It's there, folks - you just have to look for it.

Firerfox is only 100% complete WITH the AddonBar! Assegnate 5 su 5 stelle

Thank you so much for this Addon ... ;)

excelent Assegnate 5 su 5 stelle

super excelent

Not Working Assegnate 3 su 5 stelle

I am running 36.0 Firefox on Ubuntu 14.10. The Addon-bar (restored) 3.2 extension opens teh addon-bar, but nothing you do will make it to where you can put something into it. I've always liked you extensions, and here's hoping that a fix will happen. Thanks Again.

Love this addon, but it's not working in FF35 (Windows XP) Assegnate 3 su 5 stelle

I have used this addon for a long time and like it very much. But it isn't working with FF 35. I hope this will be fixed!

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Making comeback to old small features Assegnate 5 su 5 stelle

Yep, this addon work, now that i don't have to stuffing all of my addon on the top and make my browser ugly.