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Good job. Can you please add Hebrew in it?

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My first review - I've some desktop TTS softwares which do better job but among addons I think this is the best so far.

We want your money in advance. Assegnate 1 su 5 stelle

When installing your are directly asked for a donation, alto you still can download it, its make me skeptical.

To be honest i don't mind supporting them if they have a good product, but to be supported you need to be good. And they are not.

First the criteria i test it on. I'm bilingual (Dutch and English), so the T2V need to be able to easy switch between them (automatic makes it perfect), next is the voice as I'm listening to it more then my own mind, it should me easy on the ears. As last it should run in the background, select a text and convert it to voice, there should be no popup (time is a lesser point then this).

- This plugin has difficult way to set the spoken language and also a limited set (mine language isn't in the list).
- You here a voice that was from a type of T2V that is 20 years old, i have found better, on far limited sources "Google™ Text-to-Speech".
- Running is makes a popup from Babylon, this really makes me thing they use a 3rd company to translate text. When they use a 3rd company to translate text "why would i pay them a donation to use this?", then i would go to them.

I'm really sorry but i would not recommend this plugin to any one.

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Every time I select anything it always asks me to select text again and then stops.

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I wouldn't call it the best thing out there to convert text to speech. But it certainly is one of the best firefox addons to do the job.

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When I select text and click the button, It often doesn't play. And when I download as MP3, A wrong file downloads-it does nothing (the MP3 file) ! Tested both with flash on and flash off.

My mom's fav Assegnate 5 su 5 stelle

Since I hooked my mom to online news and gossips websites, she has started using her computer a lot more. But she still doesn't like staring at computer screen continuously. I installed this text to speech addon on her computer and she is more than happy with it. Thanks.

My addons Assegnate 5 su 5 stelle

One of my favorite addons. Although, it would be a good idea for its developer to update at least description to match latest interface changes in firefox, like add-on bar (or status-bar) has gone already. Of course, it would be great to see an updated version of addon too.

Great it is Assegnate 5 su 5 stelle

To be honest, a vast selection of addons is what has still bounded me to firefox. This TTS addon definitely adds more reasons for me to stick. Some updates wouldn't hurt though.

Adware! Assegnate 1 su 5 stelle

Is this serious? A Babylon window spawned after installing this thing. Removing and reporting it right now!

Fun Assegnate 5 su 5 stelle

I think this addon still has a long way to go before I call it great-help-for-accessibility but it surely is fun to play around with. I like it.

Fun to play with Assegnate 5 su 5 stelle

While I am not sure about the serious uses, it still is in my list of fun addons. It makes me happy and sometimes I try imitating it. :-)

Very Robotic Voice for a 2014 Year! Assegnate 2 su 5 stelle

The voice is very robotic and not clean. Come on now. We are in 2014. Text-to-speech voices have become more human-like.
For now, the best "Firefox addon" is the "Im Translator TTS". They have a male and a female voices which they have very natural voices and speech. I Suggest you all to take a look at Amazing Services offering tts Voices, very WOW and realistic sound. These Services are IVONA, Loquendo, Nuance, Acapela, Neospeech, Cerepro, and You will never want to listen to any robotic voice again. I hope you include the Greek Language in your future development. :-)

Me Gusta Assegnate 5 su 5 stelle

Love the voice. Would be more user friendly if it plays in the background instead, but not a deal breaker.

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Usefull addon

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This voice app is really marvelous. I like reading with this computer voice :)

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I had been looking for some sort of software to speak to me and I found this add-on. I wouldn't say it's the best one but it does the job well. I like it enough to click on the fifth star.

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Great idea, but terrible voice sounds like a voice coming through a steel pipe filled with foil. Nothing like the OSx built-in text to speech engine.

German and french language missing Assegnate 4 su 5 stelle

Cool add-on! Please add german and french language!