Random Agent Spoofer Assegnate 3 su 5 stelle

Version Firefox 41.0b4, after few complaints by other users the icon still missing !!
3 stars only as poor quality status.

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Excellente extension, nombreuses options très pertinentes. Ne bloque pas Firefox chez moi, contrairement à l'extension FingerGloves.

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This worked fine until Firefox 40. Since then it has not worked. The icon has disappeared and I can no longer control what agent I want to show. Some websites do not work with the spoof agent displayed. I uninstalled RAS but my agent is still showing as Links 2! I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Firefox but when I restore my bookmarks ALL the old setting are restored and I need those bookmarks - it would be too tedious to manually make a list of all of them and reenter them. Is there any way I can get Firefox back as the agent by changing the about:config file? As things stand I am sorry but I have to give this a one star.

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It`s don`t works correctly in Firefox 40.
Can not turn off.
And can not install other extensions becouse it show them old version of Firefox. Even after uninstall "Random Agent Spoofer". Very bad.

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Let me start off by stating that this is a great add-on, and clearly the best one available for changing the user agent information. With that said, I'm apparently going to be only voice of dissent about the virtues of the new version ( Overall, the new version has some nice features and it does work in FF 40, but there are a few issues:

1. This version uses a LOT more memory than the old version (1.63 MB vs. 1.04 MB), which even in the old version, was a bit excessive.

2. You can't move the icon/button out of the main toolbar. If you try to move it to, for example, the sidebar, the icon expands way too large and messes up all the other sidebar icons. I, for one, do not like to leave all add-on icons in the main toolbar, so it would nice to be able to move it like I could in the old version.

3. This one I admit is kind of ticky-tacky, but the add-on used to be easier to turn on and off. All you had to do was right-click on the icon to toggle the on/off status. Now it's left-click, select an option, then click somewhere else in Firefox to close the options window.

4. It seems that we used to have more control over the user agents that were selected/excluded. That level of control now seems to be missing.

5. Finally, the whitelist is an excellent idea, and one that was sorely needed (especially on sites like YouTube). However, rather than mimicking the functionality used by most add-ons of being able to simply adding a website to a list, it appears you have to enter in a short bit of custom, cryptic script with no explanation of the syntax. For example, when are you supposed to use the "canvas" or the "options" segments? And why is the "canvas" segment enclosed in brackets when none of the other segments are formatted in the same way? Also, are there other segment types we might need to use, and if so, how do they work?

Again, I don't mean any of this as a complaint since I still give it 5 stars, but my ideas are only suggestions. And I hope you keep this add-on going for the foreseeable future.

Excellent Assegnate 5 su 5 stelle

Excellent addon. Works great - exactly as described by dev.

RAS Assegnate 5 su 5 stelle

I installed RAS and it works fine on FF 40. Great work. Combined with the extension policeman it brings anonymity on the web a step closer.

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After the FF update to 40.0 my icon disappeared. It's still working but I can't find it to shut off or make a change. Where did it go?

An updated version has been in the review queue since April 29th

Hello wildman2015.

This is because mozilla have removed the widget module in the latest version of firefox. The current version of RAS ( on AMO uses the widget module but I have submitted an updated version which uses the new ActionButton module. It has been in the review queue since April 29th. I'm still waiting for it to be reviewed, so I can't do anything with the AMO version.

If you don't want to wait on mozilla to review the new version, then you can use the current github version , which is available at https://github.com/dillbyrne/random-agent-spoofer/releases

Note if you do decide to use the github version you must uninstall the AMO version first as they are not compatible do the vast changes between the two.

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Thank you for this extension, dbyrne. It's very well designed, and GPL is icing on the cake. Thanks for the time you put into this project. We appreciate it!

Thanks for the review Kareem I appreciate it.

I still have more to add to RAS such as cookie support and others but it is progressing nicely. The license was always going to be GPL, it puts the users first.

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A fantastic addon with a large number of options. I find it to be an indispensable tool on the web today. Keep up the great work.

Thanks for your review

I'm glad you like it. I'll keep at it, thanks

Finally, protection against browser fingerprinting! Assegnate 5 su 5 stelle

Thanks, works great! I unchecked "Disable plugin name enumeration", and set FF's about:config variable "plugins.enumerable_names" to "Shockwave,Flash,Java,Silverlight" so these plugins work, though that means changing this variable back to "*" to use any of my less common plugins.

Thanks for your review cattledogit

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Great add on, lots of functionality! spoof not only user agent but also x-forwarded -for headers, etcetera

Thanks for the review

I'm glad you like it.

Mozilla android Assegnate 4 su 5 stelle

How to install extension to the Mozilla on the Adnroid?
I've message "this extension is not compatible with Mozilla 38.0.5" every time.

Not compatible with Android

Hello LeonidKotv . RAS currenctly uses addon SDK modules that are not supported in the firefox for android version so it will not work. The code is free as it freedom so anyone could port it if they desire. I do not have the time to do it unfortunately.

Thanks for rating RAS

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This is so great, I needed built in headers of some mobile devices, i struggled hard to figure it out and couldnt, i downloaded this addon and it came with headers predefined! So great! So easy to switch!

Can you make this work for Firefox OS? I needed spoof the desktop headers from it.

Thanks for the review :)

Hi Noitidart. If the desktop SDK is compatible with FFOS then it should be possible. I'll have to look into it and get back to you

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Why no change to System Fonts in panopticlick. The two glaring identifiers in Panopticlick are plugins and system fonts. RAS handles plugins, user agent, and an untold number of other things. Its suspicious to me it leaves system fonts completely unchanged. (The font option in RAS does not affect it). Why no check for a list of system fonts going back in the request in a header, query, or post parameter and adding random fonts to it. (Guess I will do it myself.)

Thanks for your review Bill

The current font option is limited in that it toggles document fonts. It should limit the number of fonts available to site to 3. If you are seeing more fonts after enabling that option then it could be flash if you have it installed. I can try to help you if you open an issue on github for it.

As for improving font limiting I'm looking into it. Ideally we need this issue to be implemented https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=732096

Really thanks! Assegnate 5 su 5 stelle

Hi Dillbyrne ,
Really thanks for your contributions.I have been using RAS for quite a while and it is really good.
Normally I use it for CPA offers testing.
By the way , I'd like to know if it is possible to buy a private version for my own specific purpose.
My skype:newyorkheart2000.
I hope you can add my skype and let's have a chat.


Hello laozhang, Thank you for your review

I do not use skype but you can contact me using jabber and OTR . Details are at https://dillbyrne.github.io/contact.html

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I love RAS! I've been using it for a long time now and it works wonders. I love the new look and the new options. I'm excited to see how RAS progresses in the future


Hello nciz Thank you for your review. I'm glad you like it

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RAS has so much packed all under one roof. Like others reviewers, I tried similar addons and they all fell short. RAS just keeps on improving with each release. I recommend all users who like it to try the github version. It has much more features.

5 stars from me. Thank you for this awesome addon, it won me back over to firefox.

Thank you

Hi Baptumba. Thank you for your rating and your support. I released a new version yesterday on github. A limited version for AMO is being worked on and will be available soon.

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This addon not only spoofs the user agent but also the matching headers and it has tons of other features. Keep up the good work.

Thank you

Hello Cnuxi Thanks for the review

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RAS is the best at what it does. I wasted my time with similar addons until I found RAS. Thank you for this awesome addon. I can't wait for the next release


Hello Katsumo. Thank you for your review. was released yesterday on github, A limited version is being worked on for AMO and will be available soon