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Perché 火眼如意比价淘 è stato realizzato?

3 years ago, while my wife was shopping online, she wants to compare prices among different popular e-business web sites, and sometimes, she also want to know if the product is indeed in promption with discount, you know, sometime the sellers will tag a product with discount, but it is may not true, you do not know it is real or not unless you always watching on it or you recorded the history.

I found it is not convenient to jump among those web sites to compare price, and also difficulty to track the price history by human, so I have an idea to collect product info of the main popular e-business web sites.

However, while I was constructing my idea and try to implement it, some big companies release similar toolkits, such as etao, I also found some companies already have similar toolkits, such as netease. should I continue to do it?

I decided to do it continuely, and by myself alone, because I think it is very interesting, it was a gift to my wife.

During last years, I have met many difficulties, but I did not give up, months ago, I finished the rough version, I do not know if I should relase it, because there are already many beautiful tools on market, my wife encourage me to publish it, for nobody, just for her, for my hard work.

Well, my friend, this small toolkit is so rough, it only supports Chinese popular e-biz web sites currently, but I will make it supports more area, and more language, in the near future...

Come on, give me your hand, try it, and comments to me, thanks!

Quali sono le prospettive per 火眼如意比价淘

Wish to add predictive functionality in the future.

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Informazioni sullo sviluppatore
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