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Sibi Antony


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Név Sibi Antony
Hely Munich, Germany
Ezóta tag nov. 19, 2013
Létrehozott kiegészítők száma 1 kiegészítő
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How strong is your HTTPS connection? SSleuth ranks an established SSL/TLS connection and gives a brief summary of the cipher suite, certificate and other SSL/TLS parameters.

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Heartbleed Notifier

Works, uses secure mozilla server 5 csillagra értékelve az 5-ből

For those who are whining over data tracking and 'sending URLs', the new version uses a secure mozilla server ( to check for status. ( And it doesn't send URLs, rather the domain names.
When Heartbleed news broke out, a lot of good-willed people wrote tools to warn people (notably Filippo's checker). Most of the add-ons relied on his server to check the status. Both the checker and this add-on are publicly licensed and you can view and modify the code . All these were from the people who didn't belong to any tracking corporation or had any private interest, and they have done a favor by writing up tools/add-ons in a short time. For those who are still not convinced, they can launch the checker on their host ( and point the add-on to that.

So, thank you, Kris.