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VimFx Kiemelt

Vim-style keyboard shortcuts for browsing and navigation, significantly reducing the use of the mouse.

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Save Text To File Kiemelt

Saves highlighted text to a file in the specified directory

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User Agent Switcher Újraindítást igényel Kiemelt

The User Agent Switcher extension adds a menu and a toolbar button to switch the user agent of a browser.

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Public Fox Újraindítást igényel Kiemelt

Block downloads, lock down bookmarks/addons/downloads with a password.

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QR Code Image Generator Kiemelt

Create a QR Code of the selected text or current URL. Use CTRL-SHIFT-Q to quickly see the QR Code. Also possible to create a QR Code from free text within Firefox. Works completely offline! Now with UTF8 support.

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FindBar Tweak Kiemelt

Between simple tweaks such as placing the findbar in the top corner, to the powerful "Find in All Tabs" tool, it has everything to make the Find Toolbar a powerful and accessible research tool!

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Fastest Search - Browse/Search Faster! Kiemelt

Search/browse faster than ever! Ctrl-Shift-F for whole-word/regex/all tabs/diacritic search;Create custom engines;Select-n-search with Smart SearchBox;Preview results;Auto copy plain text, drag-n-drop save images/open links.

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Greasemonkey Újraindítást igényel Kiemelt

Customize the way a web page displays or behaves, by using small bits of JavaScript.

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Menu Wizard Újraindítást igényel Kiemelt

Customize menus : Helps removing, moving and renaming menus and menu items
Colorize important menu for ease of use! (use Style (CSS))
Change or disable any of used keyboard shortcuts
Support: Firefox, Thunderbird and SeaMonkey

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Thumbnail Zoom Plus Újraindítást igényel Kiemelt

Shows full image when you hover over a thumbnail. Works with Amazon, Baidu Images, Bing Images, Facebook, Flickr, Google+, Google Images, IMDb, LinkedIn, Netflix, Pinterest, Reddit, Twitter, Yandex, YouTube, Wikipedia, Yahoo Images, & many more.

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Mind the Time Kiemelt

Keep track of how much time you spend on the web, and where you spend it. A toolbar ticker shows the time spent at the current site or the total time spent on the web today. A summary page sums up data for the past 70 days, 10 weeks, and 6 months.

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Fox Web Security Újraindítást igényel Kiemelt

Protection from adult content (parental control) and from dangerous sites.
Entrust protection for yourself and your children to professionals!

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Keyword Search Kiemelt

Search in the address bar without changing your search engine.

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Copy As Plain Text Újraindítást igényel Kiemelt

Removes formatting from copied text.

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Tab notifier Újraindítást igényel Kiemelt

Enables desktop notifications like in Chrome (e.g. Gmail, and, if the site doesn't support them, it can notify new messages or updates detecting changes of the title (e.g. Hotmail, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter). Even if the browser is minimized!

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YouTube No Buffer (Stop Autoplaying) Kiemelt

A bulletproof approach to prevent YouTube from buffering videos

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Bluhell Firewall Kiemelt

Get a faster browsing experience by blocking nasty web resources using Bluhell Firewall, the lightweight Ad-Blocker and Tracking/Privacy Protector.

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DownThemAll! Újraindítást igényel Kiemelt

The first and only download manager/accelerator built inside Firefox!

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Adblock Plus Pop-up Addon Újraindítást igényel Kiemelt

Adblock Plus Pop-up Addon extends the blocking functionality of Adblock Plus to those annoying pop-up windows that open on mouse clicks and other user actions.

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New Tab Tools Kiemelt

Customizes the new tab page. Add more tiles. Add the launcher from Firefox start. Have a background image. Set new tile images and titles. See recently closed tabs. And more...

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