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Whatsapp Web No Restart

Use WhatsApp on Web

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Added July 30, 2015

Anticipation for YouTube No Restart

Hides video time on YouTube

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Added July 28, 2015

Snic No Restart

Smart Near-Infrared Control.

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Added July 25, 2015


Ne manquez plus aucun live de Doigby !

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Added July 16, 2015

Answers Questions

Adds to browser simple answers questions scripts generator.

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Added July 15, 2015 No Restart

Simply adds a button to to connect to the official server.

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Added July 12, 2015

Millennials to Snake People No Restart

Replaces the text 'Millennial' with 'Snake People'.

Learn the sad, sinister truth behind the mysterious Snake People. Who are they? What do they want?

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Added July 12, 2015

As2piK No Restart

Cette extension vous tient au courant des streams d'As2piK.

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Added June 26, 2015

League of Legends Champion Guides No Restart

An add-on to quickly access one of the most popular League of Legends guides websites.

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Added June 25, 2015

9GAG NSFW Unblocker No Restart

Bypass blocked nsfw 9gag images with one click!

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Added June 21, 2015

Next Episode button for HBO Nordic No Restart

Adds an Next Episode button on the HBO Nordic web player

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Added June 14, 2015

RotMG Cheater Database No Restart

RotMG Cheater Database

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Added June 14, 2015

LucidBot Web Addon Mobile No Restart

LucidBot Web Addon

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Added June 14, 2015

Bandcamp Volume No Restart

Adds a volume slider to Bandcamp album pages on

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Added June 13, 2015

Twitch Disable Whisper No Restart

Removes the whispers from twitch completley.

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Added June 11, 2015

TwTrain No Restart

can easily send a noble train in tribalwars.
just make 4 tabpages with your attack.
then go to the first one and click on the logo in the right upper corner.

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Added June 10, 2015

Neopets GPL Toolbar No Restart

A GPL Toolbar for Neopets

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Added June 9, 2015

Tool of History No Restart

Une série d'outils pour March of History

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Added June 8, 2015

agarioserverbrowser No Restart

just an basic serverbrowser for agario.

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Added June 7, 2015

Save Tab Title No Restart

A Firefox Add-on which saves the name of the current tab to a text file, which can then be used with streaming applications. The text file is updated when ever the title of the selected tab is changed.

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Added June 7, 2015