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few days ago I reported recently my google searches stopped getting highlighted , now I found why, when "Noscript" is on , "Clean link" does not hightlight google search results ...

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Desperately needs the option to open cleaned links in new tab, as this effectively breaks the extension's usability for now.

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the idea is nice, no more wondering where a link will send you.

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Giving it 5 stars even though I really don't understand how it works. Will it catch redirects and obfuscated links out of the box? If not, no idea what to do with this.

Also, can't select any of the options. Nothing happens when I hover the mouse over those or click on any of them.

Maybe the developer or someone here can help.

Please make it compatible with e10s Noté 4 sur 5 étoiles

Otherwise a great add-on.

Good but why does it skip so many domains? Noté 4 sur 5 étoiles

Good but why does it skip so many domains?

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Could you add an option to open cleaned links in a new tab?

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Can't open links in new tabs by default. Even when I middle click with my mouse a new tab opens but it doesn't work correctly with tree style tab opening it in a tree style tab.

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Clean Links just notifies Firefox when it wants to open a link, I.e. that logic isn't something handled by this add-on, but rather letting Firefox do it. Hence, to me it looks like that is a problem with "Tree style tab", what makes you think it's something of Clean Links? Tree style tab isn't even fully reviewed while this add-on is both fully reviewed and featured :)

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It works! I have three similar addons installed that I can remove now, because none of them work. But this one seems to work flawlessly. I read that Redirect Cleaner was sort of merged into Clean Links, and it was my former favorite, but it stopped working for many redirects. At least it still worked for google, which is the important one.

And because someone asked what the purpose of this is... these constant redirects, from search engines, from forums, from chat rooms, of any links anywhere, are a form of invasive tracking, which I'm always staunchly against. Also, depending on who the redirect is going through, it can cause a noticeable delay in loading the link. Google result links were noticeably faster with Redirect Cleaner, as they also probably are with Clean Links.

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Hi Diego, I have followed some of the extensions you do and wanted to know the "exact" reason or use for Clean Links? Sounds overly simple but what application is it used best for?

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thanks you job

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很好用的扩展 希望作者保持更新即可

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this is a great software

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cool addon, works like a charm

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Someone had to make this add, and this is probably the best.

Yandex support? Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

Not working on yandex.ru (links still contains garbage) and yandex.com (broke links)

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Clean Link does not get active if i move it into firefox's menu. It will be active only if it is set (by default) on the toolbar. This bug has been reported a long time ago by other user but not get fixed, Github:bug #56
Firefox 37.0.2

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Great add-on, a few suggestions:

1. For some sites, Clean Links appends a '#' to the cleaned link, e.g. Google with JavaScript disabled.

2. For the blacklists and whitelists, the comma-delimited list is difficult to read quickly and modify. I think it would be helpful to use a one-entry-per-line textbox or some sort of interface to add and remove entries.

3. Please make options sync-able.

4. Please provide a detailed explanation for what each of the options does on the Options page.


Pretty awesome but... Noté 4 sur 5 étoiles

It works like explained, but if you use Google search results and normally have it open new links in a new tab, it won't. It forces the page to open on the current page you're looking at. Very annoying if you are needing to open numerous links. You have to temporarily disable the add-on to utilize 'open links in new tab'. Otherwise, a nice add-on.

Hello, usually i use the middle-mouse-button when i want to open sites in a new tab, but in any case go to the addon settings and enable the "Follow target attribute" option which may helps.