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Copy Pure Text Redémarrage nécessaire

Allows to copy selected text as plain text by adding a 'Copy as Text' menu item to context menu.

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AutoProxy-ng Redémarrage nécessaire

This is a fork of AutoProxy, which can run the latest version of Firefox.

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This add-on provides quick access to Alexa's Top Sites.

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TryAgain Redémarrage nécessaire

TryAgain keeps trying to load a webpage when the server cannot be reached.

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Rebrand Redémarrage nécessaire

This wizard creates an XPI that rebrands Firefox, SeaMonkey or Thunderbird. You can change the brand name as well as the brand images and icons.

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Menu Wizard Redémarrage nécessaire

Customize menus : Helps removing, moving and renaming menus and menu items
Colorize important menu for ease of use! (use Style (CSS))
Change or disable any of used keyboard shortcuts
Support: Firefox, Thunderbird and SeaMonkey

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Google Keep Notes

Google Keep Notes brings Google Keep right into your Firefox Sidebar.

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Block ads and manage proxy.

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Add-ons Manager Context Menu Redémarrage nécessaire

Add more items to Add-ons Manager context menu.

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Join-NG Redémarrage nécessaire

Join partial messages. Somewhat similar to MS Outlook Express "combine and decode".

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Fierr Redémarrage nécessaire

Replaces the error page with a more stylish appearance with additional features.

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Addons Memory Usage - Button Redémarrage nécessaire

Add toolbar button for about-addons-memory-pm

But not only, also provide shortcuts for :

- Free Memory (needs free memory button)
- Abouts list page (about:about)
- Plugins page (about:plugins)


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Avec MyAdFilter, les créateurs de contenus gratuits vous proposent une seule publicité par page. Sinon, bloque toute les pubs.

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Sidebar Add Custom Tab Redémarrage nécessaire

Adds an 'add custom tab' option to the Tabs drop-down menu of SeaMonkey's sidebar.

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ebay Template Generator

Generate e-bay templates online - in few minutes.

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fanowska wtyczka pomagająca wejść na forum obrazkowe karachan.org.
automatycznie usuwa filtry blokujące prawidłowe wyświetlanie witryny.

Jak wejść na karachan

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Flexible Sidebar

Flexible Sidebar allows to change sidebar width by dragging the handles.

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HD Video Downloader

Download every YouTube video you want and you can download them as Full HD MP4, FLV, 3GP, MP3, M4A and AAC formats.

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Telegram Web Messenger

Telegram Web Messenger brings Telegram right into your Firefox Sidebar.

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XDM Hook for Linux & Mac OS X Redémarrage nécessaire

XDM integration module for Firefox on Linux and Mac

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