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ip Plus NewTab

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Did not work for me, My IP did not change, 'Whats My IP' could detect my location, I could not even bypass Youtubes Geo location blocks..either does not work with Firefox 40, or does not work - period.

Proxy Finder (IP Switcher)

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Not only does it not allow you to enter available IP's (It wont connect) When you select auto, the area you would like, reload the site you want to view, your shown no content but 'internal error proxy 500' On sites you can connect to eg 'Check my IP' It can't even fool that. It dispplays in the box as eg America, when you look on 'What's my IP' It will tell you right where you are, no location chance at all, I didn't even move one country over, let alone get around the globe. Total waste of time, or not able to use with Firefox 40 possibly.

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Ip's have become too well known, so ineffective Noté 1 sur 5 étoiles

This used to be the best ip changer I could find, this is not a rash rating drop, I have given this a fair amount of time to allow for updates/browser incompatibility issues etc, both browser and anonymox are the latest version, and I keep both updated however; the past 4-6 months it been failing, and at least the past 3 months a a total failure. The ip will show as (for example) US, if you go to check your IP, it might fool it, anything that looks a little deeper like when checking for DNS leaks it knows just where you are, How does this effect day to day use, well you could be bumbling around displaying one IP assuming your partly masking your identity when your not at all, and the main purpose for use, for me any way was to bypass geo location blocks, One I assume would be pretty common 'YouTube' It can't fool YouTube. If you select a video made for US audiences, pick and of the US IP's it advises' Sorry this content is not available in your area.
Before this total meltdown I had been using the same IP since I installed, and I'm aware as a non premium user this does not give me any more rights to use that IP than another user, but ALL the IP's were taken, for months. It would ask me to carry out a first run to reset and allocate new addresses, each time all were used up again, and it was still unable to bypass geo blocks.
Whatever this add on was doing 12 months ago was on point, I think internet hosts have become aware of the fake IP's and block as standard, knowing they are masking your location. Maybe add some new ones, they simply don't work. I have even tried to use the IP allocated on 'freemake downloader' to get around youtube blocks - They know the isp is not really in the US.

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eBay pour Firefox

Not as good as it used to be Noté 1 sur 5 étoiles

I used to love this app, enjoying to manually snipe at the last second the alerts were a must, and being able to kep an eye on items at the side of your page whilst browsing other sites was also handy. About 3 months ago it stopped working. I left comments in the forum and nothing was solved. I thought I'd try again to use this add on as before I would have rated it 5stars and really wanted to use it again. It still does not even allow me to sign in. I have read all the steps below other comments where users have had the same issue and I do not have that software nor that Internet security.
I had assumed the issue was my browser version as it can be incompatible with some add ons, seeing others iwth the same issue still unfixed is disheartening.
My browser is Firefox Aurora. I use Bull guard Security, and all that runs along in the background is a proxy extension AnonmoX, and bit comet. If these are turned off I am still unable to sign in. If I have just restarted the laptop, still unable to sign in. I have found no way around it.

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