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Modules que j’ai créés

Encode Decode Base64

Converts from ASCII or Unicode to Base64 by encoding the text and back from Base64 to ASCII or Unicode by decoding it

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317 utilisateurs

Encode Decode HTML

Encode HTML to show it in the HTML pages a code instead of rendered HTML. Decode HTML to convert it back to HTML code

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315 utilisateurs

Money Converter

Convert from one currency to another and create and share custom set of currency conversions

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82 utilisateurs

Format Javascript Redémarrage nécessaire

The extension provide Javascript developer a tool to decompress the minified javascript. Minify javascript and use it to uncompress.

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359 utilisateurs

Link To Hyperlink

Convert links / URLs to Hyperlinks so that those are clickable as well as you can use Right Click and Save As...

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240 utilisateurs

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