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Miraclous! Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

i always end up having too many tabs open at one time, so i am a power user (administrator too) who worries all the time about having enough RAM and virtual memory/CPU overloads, etc etc etc. i do not write reviews until i thoroughly test any application, and i have, on OneTab. this is such a powerful app that will help you so much if you're like me! i STRONGLY recommend using OneTab--it will make your firefox internet experience so, so, so easy! read how to use it: the explanation is so well written that anyone can understand it. this app had to be designed with a flow chart, which always beings with the box "Start", followed by "Housekeeping," and goes on doing what it is supposed to do. download and use this app without fear. i give it 5 stars +++!

Toolbar Autohide

Toolbar Autohide Noté 3 sur 5 étoiles

8-27-2015: what i'd love to see all you addon developers do is to keep a sign right in front of you as you develop an addon about accessibility. in my own world, it is for vision. i work on a macbook pro not retina display mid-2012 build, OS yosemite 10.10.5 (most current as of today). i must adjust magnification and oftentimes invert colors just to work on a browser/all other computer work. what i have noticed lately is that firefox 40.0.2 no longer shows the NAVIGATION toolbar, which is the most important one. i have tested (as is my nature) why it does not and i also see, if i move my cursor up above the tab bar, that in Toolbars, there is none for the navigation toolbar. so even if i were not vision impaired, how do i get the firefox navigation to appear (or, in your world, to make it go away/hide it)? just a thought... best of luck to you and thank you for the nice app. don't forget, though, all us mac users out here! :-)

President Obama Theme with Personas Interactive

i almost busted my a** laughing when i saw this theme! Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

i don't give it 5 stars for its functionality, ease of use, etc., but for how RIDICULOUS this idea is! have we had any president as popular as this guy is? it's almost like if people HEAR the name obaaamaaa, it indicates that he is a god, and that they should now stand up, outstretch their arms from their torsos and walk in a line, like lemmings, into a deep and dark abyss of knowing NOTHING. ha ha ha!!!

Speed Dial

ever since i began to use FF as my default browser, speed dial is my home page! Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

when you are busy and you need to get to your favorite sites FAST, you too will make speed dial your home page. how simple this tool is. i've used speed dial at least 8 years straight. of course, firefox is my default browser. and yes, i DID contribute $$$ to this developer, for he has made my life computing so, so, so easy! what i do not do is muck up my experience with speed dial (because i need to use it fast and i don't have time to do what i am telling you now) by changing the way the dial "buttons" appear. i don't make them match the web site's design/colors. SPEED DIAL HAS ALWAYS BEEN, WITH LAZARUS, THE FIRST EXTENSION/ADDON I ENSURE TO KEEP UP TO DATE AS FIREFOX updates. I LOVE THIS ADDON!

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