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Nice idea but does not perform as advertised Noté 2 sur 5 étoiles

This fails to work more often than not and is pretty random.

Mostly I view videos on YouTube, BBC or Guardian. Errors and randomness are too many to list, sometimes an unclickable placeholder, sometimes an active player, experience varies from visit to visit, even when flash is blocked, it is invariably the culprit for when FF freezes.

Oh yes, and sometimes it works.


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Disappointed. It displays mht files as source code

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Fast Video Download



Do not touch this with a bargepole.

It corrupts your Google search results by hiding a link to known unreliable sites. I also have WOT installed (Web of Trust - highly recommended) which alerted me - three quarters of the results on the page were redirects.

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It is a great app but with a major problem.
<br>When the calendar syncs with google, it does not store the events on the local machine. Which means...I might just as well carry on with Google.<br><br>I like google, but I spend a lot of time off line and I need events in the Lightning calendar to be persistent.

Edit: Thanks for the reply Philipp. I was also deterred by "experimental"! But that is brilliant and, at first sight seems to work as it is meant to. I have revised my rating...thank you so much for responding!

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Send/Clip to OneNote

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I get a hash error on the download...couldn't install