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First, after installing DoNotTrackMe I am unable to log into my utility company website. I keep getting "Session Expired" error messages when I try to log in. Second, the DoNotTrackMe button on Firefox toolbar does not work. Nothing happens when I click it. Nada! Third, when I go to Mozilla Add-ons Manager --> DoNotTrackMe and click Options button, instead of viewing setup options I am taken to a Support page with all of Abine's products on it. So, I have to figure out what version of DoNotTrackMe is installed and remember to click on the hyperlink that is appropriate for my version. How stupid! I finally make it to the support page, which is not a support page as much as it is a FAQ page. Totally unhelpful because it has no answer to any question remotely covering the issue: "HELP! MY DoNotTrackMe TOOLBAR BUTTON DOES NOT WORK!" So, at this point I'm still trying to figure out how to change the options because, after all, I did click on the Options button but alas, I'm at a useless FAQ page that offers no help at all. So now, I notice a Log In button at the top of the support page, and as I am already an Abine user (MaskMe) I attempt to log in, to which the website replies, "Sorry! This website is for users with DoNotTrackMe accounts. Are you looking to log in to your MaskMe account? Log in here." My answer is emphatically NO I DO NOT WANT TO LOG INTO MY MASKME ACCOUNT I WANT TO FIX THE OPTIONS IN DONOTTRACKME THAT HAVE CAUSED IT TO STOP FUNCTIONING AND PREVENTING ME TO LOG IN TO PAY MY UTILITY BILL." So, instead I attempt to register using my Abine credentials, to which the website replies, "Sorry! It looks like you already have a MaskMe account. Unfortunately, some features only work for users who have never used MaskMe before. Learn more." WTF?!?! So I click on Learn more and I learn that Abine does not integrate its products, which have overlapping features, that DoNotTrackMe is superior to MaskMe and that Abine considers MaskMe to be a beta product. Beta? Are you kidding me? The version of MaskMe is 1.4 and does not contain the letters "beta." MaskMe has got tons of my credentials stored, tons of my masked emails! And it's considered beta?! WTF why did I not know this? It is now that I learn that none of my masked emails can be migrated to the "superior" product, DoNotTrackMe, and that support for storing credentials on MaskMe is going away and that OH BY THE WAY ONE OF YOUR OPTIONS IS TO DELETE YOUR MASKME ACCOUNT IN WHICH CASE ALL OF YOUR DATA WILL BE DESTROYED.

So now, I have a DoNotTrackMe that does not work, the button on my toolbar is unresponsive, and, worse, is blocking me from being able to log in and pay my utility bill and, even worse yet, I have masked emails and passwords stored in MaskMe, which is a beta product. So now, it seems I have no choice: I must remove all Abine products completely. It will be difficult to take all of those masked emails and passwords and migrate them to another place. Very difficult! I have absolutely no confidence in this company. It's as though it is run by a bunch of teenagers. Really, what company would EVER take such a cavalier attitude toward peoples' private data, or even create a "superior" product with much of the same features, yet not provide a way to migrate user data from one product to the other, to build user interfaces that are so confusing and convoluted, and to make changes in how it conducts business without much consideration to how its users are impacted?

Cette critique concerne une version précédente du module (3.2.1113.1-signed).