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Jesus Prayer

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Proudly Pro-Life

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ALL Life begins at conception...NOT when someone decides it's "convenient"! BRAVO for speaking the truth. Not many know that by ONLY 2-3 WEEKS after conception, the baby's HEART IS FULLY FUNCTIONAL! God Bless you!

Jesus Risen

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PRAISE BE JESUS CHRIST!! Truly inspired work!

USA One Nation Under God

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I pray every day that there are MILLIONS MORE like torchgirlsarah who'll stand up for Our GREAT Country's CONSTITUTION!! We must guard
EVERY WORD from corruption by evil politicians &
other misguided folks & protect our God-given RIGHTS!! GREAT WORK!

No Greater Love

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Somehow I know that Our Lord is smiling today! GREAT labor of Love, sandie102009!! GOD Bless you & yours....and thank you.

Steelers Champ

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"Steelers Champ" by Sp33do-Burrito is a SUPER design for all residents of "Steelers Country"!! GREAT work for the BEST TEAM!! GO STEELERS!!

Steelers 2010

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"Steelers 2010" by cobra66r is a GREAT tribute to our BEAUTIFUL city, but most of all to our "SUPER STEELERS"!! Great work for the BEST TEAM!!

Sixburgh Champion Steelers

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"Steelers Super Bowl Champions with 6 Lombardi Trophies" by imac_guy makes me PROUD to have Black & Gold blood running through my veins!! GO STEELERS!! Great work!!

Steelers Football

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"Pittsburgh Steelers Football" by haylescomett is a GREAT tribute to the BEST NFL team!! SUPER work for a "Super Team"!! GO STEELERS!!


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"City of Champions" by jasmin12 makes my
Black&Gold heart EXTREMELY joyous!! Great work & a wonderful tribute to the BEST team in the NFL!