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LastPass Password Manager

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Works well, and the ubiquitous availability across platforms and browsers is its most useful feature. The plugin is always updated quickly when needed.

While there are always some sites where the autologin doesn't work properly this is to be expected with the amount of websites and login methods available. Using Lastpass has saved me tremendous frustration, clears my head of remembering a dozen passwords and has made it possible to have a different one for every site (over 300 now).

Note: this plugin requires a LastPass account and is not useful stand-alone.

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Supprimer les messages en double (Alternatif)

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Worked well for me. I especially love the 'remove directly' option, which solved my being unable to delete duplicates because I was over quota.

If I may request anything it would be more visual feedback. When searching 30k IMAP messages I couldn't tell the difference between a hang and a running search.

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Remove Duplicate Messages

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Works well. I used it to separate 3000 duplicates from 200 actual messages. Thunderbird had created these due to some bug.

Although the UI isn't very intuitive, it does what it claims to do, and pretty fast as well.

Cette critique concerne une version précédente du module (0.1.06).