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disallow Script Button

The Disallow Script button looks like a letter "M" and the title is the Minus Script, drag and drop the button on a toolbar. If the button is not displayed then nothing operates, except rules for plugins.

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New Tab Pro

You can customize the number of the tiles on the New Tab page (about:newtab), right on that page via the buttons at the center of each side of the page. Or use the Options page of this extension to get the same effect.

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reduce IFrame Redémarrage nécessaire

This extension reduces some influences of the subdocuments that contained within the top document, such as IFRAME.

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Node Messenger

The broadcast serverless quasi-chat for LAN via UDP. The local Node.js is required (http://nodejs.org/).

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view So Source Redémarrage nécessaire

A script in a html page can modify the URL that you can see in the location bar. If you use this extension then the View Page Source command will be independent of a such manipulation and will be opening the original url.

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Mes critiques


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very handy, and I'd like to see the following features of the "Output As HTML" dialog:
- An input field to edit (view) the path to the target file
- Option to save original url instead of local.

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"data:application/json" and all inclusive.

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View Dependencies

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what about button Reset or Refresh?

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View Dependencies

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Tastiness add-on, if compare with Dom Inspector is complex and Multimedia Tab of PageInfo is too poor. I'd like to see one item "copy" (selected item) instead couple of url and host, sometimes the host choice is not applicable, if local file and etc.