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Password Exporter

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Password Exporter exports your passwords as CSV very well, but currently, it isn't able to import any of them.

Thinking of the following task:
1. Export your passworts as CSV.
2. Edit your passwords in the CSV file using Excel/LibreOffice Calc and save them in a new CSV file.
3. Delete all passwords in your Firefox.
4. And finally, import the new CSV file into your Firefox.

- The add-on refuses successfully step #4. It's a pity, but currently, this add-on fails. Please correct this!

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AllowClipboard Helper

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In my case, this add-on works. I'm using Firefox 14 and I had this situation when I was editing some content using the default editor in Joomla: Due to security reasons, access to my clipboard was blocked. I installed this Add-on and since then, I never had an error message like that again.

Toolbar Buttons

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I used it because of the several bookmark buttons and the Toggle Toolbar Button, but since Firefox 4, it has become obsolete for me. The new browser version covers new features, so I do not need some external solutions any more.

Of course, I was also quite confused when the design of some icons was changed, but luckily, it didn't touch the functionality.

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Xmarks Sync

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It's a pity that they will shut down. Alternative free solutions for cross browser synchronization if you are lost & confused like me in Delicious.com:

Use LastPass (https://lastpass.com/) for your passwords and SyncPlaces (https://addons.mozilla.org/de/firefox/addon/8426/) using your own web space / webserver for your bookmarks. SyncPlaces also synchronizes passwords - but only in FF.

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This addon works excellent - in case if you have read the instructions before and you know what you are doing. It's the perfect alternative solution when Xmarks will shut down. Of course: Always backup your settings before installing and synchronizing for the very first time!
I am using SyncPlaces - using FTP for synchronizing - on a subdomain on my server (the usual Apache/PHP/MySQL combination): http://bookmarks.mydomain.com. Of course, the folder were the subdomain directs to is password protected by .htaccess.

The only question is: How do I get my bookmarks and passwords in a comfortable way into MS IE or Opera? - Well, only manually. Restoring bookmarks in MS IE / Opera: MS IE takes the HTML bookmark file 1:1. Opera needs some extra work with copy/cut & paste. Thanks to my subdomain, I am able to see my bookmarks online in the HTML bookmark file: http://bookmarks.mydomain.com/bookmarks.htm

Concerning password synchronization: SyncPlaces is nice for FF. But if you prefer an automatic synchronization even in MS IE and Opera as well, you have to use LastPass (https://lastpass.com/).

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Firefox Sync for Firefox 3.5/3.6

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Nice idea, but many people do not use only Firefox. What about synchronizing passwords and bookmarks in Firefox, MS IE and Opera? Xmarks provides a better service.

Cette critique concerne une version précédente du module (0.6).